January 18, 2011


Carpenter, Petco Park 2005. Old camera with a 5p lens.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Sleeping like a rock day and night. This is good.

Herself: The days are better. but I cough half the night away.

It’s gorgeous out there. The sky is a clear blue. The sun offers us summer cheer, and I am going out into it today. The greens are piercingly electric. The few reds remaining on the trees offer a good contrast.

No school. I don’t want to share my bug with the more fragile crowd that attends my writing class. Laundry…those fabric pieces grow from one to ten in five minutes of unwatched silence.

I’ll go to work tomorrow…breathe on no one, and come home lumpish. That’s ok if I hug no one and stay in a corner in the back room.

“Remember to cover your mouth,” says G.

“Yes dear you,” I say then forget. When did I unlearn this important thing. Ugh.

Laundry and more moving photos, deleting photos, deleting albums in Snapfish. I want to keep the Petco Park images. Some are very good. Many were taken with an older 5p camera tho. Marion B things. I’ll put everything in one album deleting duplicates. Coughing. Covering my mouth too while making something of nothing.


  1. Here's wishing you a delightful day, and remember to cover your mouth when coughing.

  2. I sure hope you feel better soon, Maggie. It's no fun being sick. My coughs seem to always last forever.

  3. Best wishes and take care of that cough!

  4. Get some good sweet sun and feel better soon, sweetie!

  5. Happy to see you are getting your groove back. I have difficulty parting with old photos too.

  6. Good for you forging on to work! Get better soon.

  7. You sound better and I hope you both are back to playing form soon.

  8. The sunshine should make you feel better.
    I know I would feel better in some summer sun.

  9. Extra pillows in bed should ease your chest and breathing.
    My Mum used to rub goose grease on our chests and give us Fennings Little Lung Healers. Somehow we survived;)


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