January 7, 2011

Whipped Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Finished with work and home at dinner time. They paid for his vacation when he had no vacation days….we are both astounded. They really like him.

Herself: Managed to make it to all my swimming plus even the poetry group where it’s very good to see everyone, but I cannot hear a thing. Over committed us to dinner out every night this weekend. Tonight dinner with G’daughter Beth and family.
There they sit. Oh, there’s a few on my footstool, there’s a pile on my nightstand, but there is a giant basket if them eagerly awaiting my attention right behind my big chair. Books. Books to be read. Good intentions all. Kant, Nietzsche, a couple of the “Great Books”….you know where I found those, all three volumes of “The Civil War” by Shelby Foote, intelligent stuff. Just what I need.

But what have I been reading? As the skies darken and the rain begins to fall, I reach for the macaroni and cheese. Oh, I should feel guilt but don’t over the comfort volumes of Jan Karon. There’s been a continual parade of mysteries….many of which have gone right back to the Thrift Store. The darker the skies get, the more those familiar authors I reach for like Dorothy Gilman….Grand Master at the 2010 Edgar’s. I reread Craig…who died last year and whose craftsmanship I will truly miss. Few Sci-fi. In the past I would have started there.

This cold winter, I just want to be warmed. Bios usually warm me but this week, Liz Smith didn’t catch my attention with her lists of the famous and boring. I have lists too….and mine aren’t boring. Today I found Kitty Kelley’s unauthorized bio of Nancy Reagan on the shelves. Instead of bringing it home and getting angry, I put it on display for all the Republican Women in the neighborhood to enjoy.

Maybe my mind is going, and all I can read these days is the whipped cream, macaroni and cheese and chocolate chip cookies of the book world. Comforting thought though, isn’t it.


  1. Whenever I buy or am given a book that is not riveting, I force myself to go through it page by page, glancing at the 1st line of each paragraph. If something catches my eye, I will read that chapter. If not, at least I did go through the book page by page. Then I reach for the next book!

  2. I understand completely. There are times when the scholarly books give me no comfort at all. The more I know, the more I understand, the less I trust. So back to the light fiction for me.

    Gigihawaii, I admire your perseverance; however, I long ago decided not to waste my time if I decide the book is worthless. I am experienced enough to recognize that.

    The best thrift store book exchanges are the ones that encourage you to return the ones you bought after you read them. There's one in town during the summer where they give you, say, 25 cents credit for every book you donate; if you donate four books, you can afford to buy another.

  3. You are doing better than me. I can't seem to get into reading anything. Sometimes I read everything I can get my hands on and other times nothing catches my fancy.

    I find I'm reading fewer books these days and more articles etc online.

  4. I need a good crusty who-dun-it right now. Something for escape. Either that or stick my fingers in my ears and go la la la la la.

  5. Just downloaded Jane Fonda's newest navel gazing book to my Kindle...will see if it holds my interest.

  6. Yum I loved this post! This week I have been indulging in 1000 pages of Ken Follet knights and peasants,towers and taverns while my real life reading stack grows and grows. Every once in awhile I look up and think.."what am I doing?" and then dive back into the macaroni and cheese. Would love it if you continued to let us know what you are reading.

  7. I, too, love the macaroni and cheese, especially the chocolate chip cookies. As soon as I finished reading all those Japanese Garden books I went right for the Donna Leon and Venice. Have you read her? She's great.

  8. I am repeating myself (I just mentioned it on a comment at Freda's blog) but I always read the end first. I don't like unpleasant surprises. I have been trying to read "The Inheritance of Loss." It's rough going. Of course, I have read the end, but I may not make it to the beginning. It definitely is not whipped cream or macaroni and cheese.

  9. For years I kept buying these books I never will read. I finally gave them away and now read what I want, it works much better. So what if you read mysteries, they are wonderful. My problem is that I have read all the mystery writers who interest me. The modern ones are so bloody and graphic, reflecting police procedure more than anything else. I am just finishing "The Gift of Life" by Chittister which I began before Christmas. Next, I am onto the art of the antique Mediterranean. Read what interests you. Dianne

  10. I have a huge stack of 'gotta read' books, too. I usually have two books going -- one fiction; on non-fiction -- but I spend so much time reading blogs that it's slow-going. And sometimes I simply have to take a day off and contemplate the joys of Spumoni ice cream, peanut butter cookies, and a good movie.

  11. Light fiction has its place and sometimes that is right in front of my face. Then I am ready to read something heavier and more thought provoking. I have a couple of BIG books that I am taking on our cruise at the end of this month....if I can hold out long enough!

  12. Wonder if this is something that happens as you grow older. It has already started with me. I just can not sink myself into "difficult" books any more. Though what is difficult about them, I am not sure. Nevertheless, we should persist, don't you think?

  13. After my eyesight turned on me I found holding a book and trying to read it very frustrating so I turned to audio books! Its a wonderful way to go through an entire stack of books in a week! I visit my local library about every 3 weeks and get a sack full. I dont get abridged versions I want to hear every word..This past week I threw in the Classic "The Old Man And The Sea" and it was nice to hear that read by a crusty male voice and I find its even better than MY voice reading silently to me-
    I am working my way through the alphabet with Sue Grafton, been all over the place in an RV with Sue Henry, went deep into Navajo Culture with Tony Hillerman, and it was me sitting beside Charley on those travels and later it was I who tried my best to get into the mind of Rose of Sharon while we rumbled in that old truck toward California....

  14. Maggie,
    I think reading ANYTHING betters us. Cut yourself some slack and read whatever comforts you! Mac and cheese and whipped cream are still nourishing.
    "Instead of bringing it home and getting angry, I put it on display for all the Republican Women in the neighborhood to enjoy." I'm still laughing over this one!!


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