February 12, 2011

1 Airplane Watching

A propeller plane practices take offs and landings, 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Thursday the company computer gave him 20 wrecks, and yesterday he cut off more incoming until he could finish those he had. He got them all done by nine last night. Frankly, he’s tired of working. He’s found someone to cover for him at the museum and is coming with us to the flyover.

Herself: Yesterday was pretty good value.

Lists, lists, and more lists. If I were going by myself, I’d just grab water and a sandwich and go. Since there are four of us and we are planning to sit on the Berkley, one of the San Diego Maritime Museum ships, I’ve been making lists and planning. I woke up planning, actually.

Shame on me.

Gotta find a chair for Lessa if we plan on sitting on the dock….we have ours and Zoie has one too. Water can go in Lessa’s rolling backpack. If we get seats on the Berkley, chairs won’t matter.

Goodies for Lessa to take home: Books, toy trucks for Zoie (4), paintings, (2). I know I will forget something. There’s even stuff in the back of Grumpy ready to go north with her. Camera’s, batteries, memory cards.

Oh, silly me.

We are off to sit in a sunny chair and watch airplanes fly overhead. What more do we need.


  1. I'll be there in spirit with you. My kids and I used to go anywhere we could watch planes. The airports weren't so guarded in those days. That old prop plane brought back memories. Sounds like a much needed break for your hard working friend there.

  2. On one of our first dates, some 43 years ago, my husband took me to the restaurant at the airport, so we could watch the planes while we ate. (He never was a big talker.)

  3. Sounds lovely, especially the blue sky and enough warmth to sit outside.

  4. Glad to see you had a sunny day to enjoy with the family.

  5. Still getting caught up with your blogs that I missed while I was gone. I love your photos...each and every time, I am struck by the beauty you capture. And even when you are just doing chores; it sounds so exciting.

  6. It was a grand day for airplane watching! Did you bring your sunscreen?

  7. My goodness, the sky is so blue where you live. I like to look at the photos because my oldest son and his family live nearby. Have a great day plane spotting. Dianne

  8. It must be spirit uplifting to have such a lot of sky and bright light. Don't get a stiff neck:)

  9. Sounds like a magnificent day in the beautiful sunshine!


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