February 8, 2011


The façade of LA Union Station designed by the father and son team of John Parkinson and Donald B. Parkinson and built over the old LA China town in 1939.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Back to the gym in the mornings. Still working long hours, but he is still enjoying the job.

Herself: Some days the allergies win. I used to be just like this as a kid when visiting my friends. No ComicCon this year. The tickets were all sold out by noon on Saturday. It’s the first one we have missed in years.

Yesterday it was back to the pool at last, but the pool still closes for ten minutes for a lifeguard break just as I get there. I need to remember this every morning. They seemed glad to see me tho.

Then it was off to PT Sergeant. It was to be the last one…..instead he wants two weeks more, so there will be a delay while he gets approval. Now that I am semi recovered from the bronchitis, it’s back to the pool and stretches most mornings before the day will officially begin….an hour plus in the mornings, and half an hour every evening. It’s worth it if I can walk.

I ate lunch in the greenness of Presidio Park before coming home to work on an essay for the writing class. I used that February first entry as a base for a history of the Los Angeles Union Station…..four double spaced pages with five illustrations plus one half page of citations. Actually, she says, it’s not a bad read at all as I managed to make it personal not technical.

What was bad was that I am allergic to the computer room.

Achooooooooooooo!!!! Cough, cough!!!! I catch on to these things only slowly only after I’ve lost my voice and can’t stop blowing my nose. Instead of writing today, I will first clean the computer room. Death to the dust mites and their poo is my mantra for the morning. At least the carpet is clean….achooooooooo!!!!


  1. Ack.. that would be a horrible allergy! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. You poor thing. You just got rid of your cold and now this? Who needs dust mites? Out with them!

  3. Hope you are back on your game soon! We need to have lunch!

  4. Oops, I'm off to fight the dust mites here. Don't want you chasing yours over here.

  5. I really admire how you're getting out there to get your exercise in. You'll have to be my role model.

  6. Great idea about the basis for that essay.
    So weird that the room is now giving off allergens!

    Looks like our trip to SD may be extended because of work. YAY!!! I want some of that 'greeness' of which you speak!


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