February 15, 2011


Domesticity with apples.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Had a great day and didn’t work when he got home. His snapped tendon and kitty hair, achoo, in the nose are both much better. Card and good chocolates.

Herself: Card and chocolate at dawn. For the second week I did all my morning exercises in the pool. Finished the laundry too. Was grumpy about the check.

I was talking with Bee as the sun crept over the edge of the point. My bit of the sky turned a nice juicy pink, while hers was only a steel grey. We both nodded thinking rain would be coming soon.

I had no goals today. Starting the day with small things that sit easily, that sit like macaroni and cheese on the soul, seemed the right thing to do.

Three things to the drive thru cleaners.

How we began talking of his father, I do not know, but now I know that it’s a family business. His father and mother started it in the 1940’s. Dad gave it to his son in the 1960’s but continued to come in every day. His would dad talk with this person then he’d go visit that person. Later he’d come back to the shop until four. One day, knowing something was wrong, he went to the doctor’s office. The wife and son didn’t know where he had gone and had a hard time chasing him down that day. Eventually they found his car at the hospital….windows down as if he would be coming back any moment.

Next I went up the hill to the bank.

The Geezer didn’t just clean his side of the office, he cleaned so deeply he was able to give up a whole box of Linus Blankets to the thrift store. His office is now clean, sterile, beyond hygienic, and uncontaminated by anything. While he was organizing, he found one of those governmental stimulus checks for me. A nice, big, two hundred some dollar check that I didn’t know I had. From the date on the check, I can tell it vanished along with hundreds of other papers into his bill slot just before Christmas. I cashed it.

I waved at the sculptor’s. They are tucked into the back of a building by the bank, still using. I’ve known the whole family since the seventies, and I own two of their pieces.

Groceries for the week. I bought himself a nice steak for the Valentine’s holiday with a Caprese salad, baked potato, and fattening pumpkin pie for desert. Today tho, I’ll peek at the mail before it gets upstairs, and tomorrow we will go back to our half vegitarianisms. Sometime next week I will find a pair of black denim pants that are long enough….oh, dreams be me. Imagine, pants that reach the top of my shoes.


  1. Maybe if I cut the bottoms off all the pants that are too long these days... (I used to have long legs, even though I was always short.) I could send them to you. Probably more sewing than either of us would want to do.

  2. I have the same pants problem too short - oh well.

  3. You sure do keep busy, Maggie! Wow! I'm off to do some food shopping for a birthday party we're doing for my sister-in-law on Friday.

  4. I love that photo....and the room and the painting...all of it. Have you ever considered doing a photo enhanced design book? Well, of course, your blog would suffice. Good luck on the black denim pants....

  5. I buy my pants too long and then roll them up like I did when I was 10 and growing like a weed. It works wonders. Dianne

  6. Wish I could send you the excess from the bottom of my pants. I now take a "petite" size, although I have to say that's an oxymoron; there's nothing petite about me.

  7. If I ever get de-iced, maybe I'll get caught up here. I'm in awe of your dedication/productivity!!! I have some jeans/pants that are too big for me, if you're interested. They might be too long. Just drop me a note!!!!

  8. I want to wear clamming pants for the rest of my life.

  9. I have to hem everything--BUT most of the time we can wear Shorts 8 months out of the year--
    KUDOS on the G's Clean up...good man--

  10. So where did the father go?

    Everything I buy is way too long.

  11. Was the father sitting in the car?


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