February 18, 2011

Friday Lite

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Had a really good day….one of those where he met all sorts of interesting folks….including me at the Chevy dealership.

Herself: My service advisor bought me lunch. It must be because he likes the Geezer. I always feel like a stone faced dork when I’m around the two of them.

  • Hey Grumpy’s noise is something to do with the exhaust manifold or the dual exhaust system with baffles dancing on sugar plums inside our heads. When I took Grumpy back a second time, after neither G who was there, the service writer, or the mechanic could make it moan and groan, I started it right up and it did it. Maybe men drive differently. The mechanic suggested I turn up the radio. That will save me six or seven hundred dollars but isn’t quite the solution I imagined. Grrrrrr!

  • Glorious sunshine all day long. I sat for a while by the bay with the latest Dana Stabenow/Kate Shugak mystery. The truck warmed up, the book was already a scorcher, and it was a good cheer filled break.

  • Just so I remember: the house is clean, the radio installed downstairs. The sewing table placed so it’s useful rather than in the way. Best of all, G was willing to take the time to move everything off the big living room rug, move the rug back on its pad, and move furniture back on the rug again. No more walking rug or pad that teases me. Progress.

  • The book sale is over at the Discovery shop, and at last I could put the books I had stored in back room out on the shelves. I had been reluctant to sell good cookbooks for fifty cents when I could mark them five or six bucks. There was some really good non-fiction that I held back too. Joan got everything marked Wednesday, and now they are all shelved and the back room is delightfully empty.

  • A busy weekend is coming up. Friday night: It’s supposed to rain, and we are going to the “Glitz and Glam” Opening at the SD Automotive Museum. A Glitz and Glam YouTube video is right here. Sounds like the food will be good too. I think I will wear stuff that can withstand a little rain with a soupcon of mother’s bling. Saturday: He becomes a docent by noonish, and in the evening we join The Feasters for Greek. Sunday: Fast food with a sponsee before a meeting. If I have anything to do with anything, we will sleep in, sleep late, and enjoy our nice soft new-to-us bed as the rain keeps on falling from the heavens every single day of the weekend.

  • This morning the sky was a knock you out peach so powerful that even the insides of our rooms were tinted peach too. Beautiful.


  1. That mechanic must be somehow related to my husband (who has never been to California.) He was always a great one for drowning out troublesome noises and ignoring warning lights.

    My husband also got into the habit of bringing a kid with him to the repair shop. The kids understood the car better than he did, but they weren't old enough to drive 8-)

  2. Turn up the radio! HA HA! I am so excited to see you guys tonight! Can wait to see your glitz.

  3. You got the rug back on its pad and a lovely new bed? What more could anyone ask for?

  4. I'm not sure that comment went in. I thought I was over jet lag, but now I'm not sure. Anyhow, just catching up, and glad to see things seem to be okay down San Diego way.

  5. I love antique cars!! Have you ever been to The Henry Ford museum and Greenfield Village? Both are excellent and have awesome examples of antique cars. Have fun!!!!

  6. Turn up the radio??? And he thought this was funny????

    Glad you've had sunshine. It really does make a difference in our attitudes, doesn't it?


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