February 26, 2011

An Illustrated Saturday Lite

  • We are off to paint a strip of the second floor walls at the museum black. Captain Poolie has assured us vastly overweight folks that bagels and donuts will be available. We will arrive wearing professional white and bearing brushes, rollers, and buckets with grates. We are supposed to go out to dinner afterwards, but I do not think G’s trips to the gym include upper strength workouts. I think he will be too tired to go….me too.

  • I found the book case in the background of our picture Wednesday amusing. I’d forgotten it had lived on that wall of the cottage. Then it was filled with double shelved sci fi and paper journals. Today it bursts with cookbooks and looks vastly better.

  • I confess. I brought home two more used cookbooks yesterday wantonly spending a wild four dollars. Jan Karon’s Mitford cookbook and reader as well as a volume of three item cooking now sit on my footstool. I didn’t need any more cookbooks, but I confess that I am already charmed by the Mitford volume. I have a feeling that the other one will catch my attention too.


  1. You sure you'll be too tired to go out to dinner???? Somehow I would muster the strength!

    We're doing a 'lunch restaurant crawl' when we're out there in March. It starts in the Gas Lamp and ends in Little Italy!

  2. Very nice photo of G. Quite an art shot.

  3. Sure hope there will be a lot of people coming and helping with the painting. The bookshelf is almost unrecognisable.

    How are you doing health-wise these days?

  4. Do you prepare dishes from these cookbooks or are they more for historic interest?

  5. I have bookcases very much like the one you and G have and mine has gone through about five transformations in its lifetime.

    It has even survived a flood and lived to hold books and kid's games again.

    At the moment it holds all sorts of travel books and maps so we can plan long,leisurely,expensive trips to exotic places that we will never take......

  6. That is a beautiful bookcase. Good luck with the painting. It's not my favorite thing to do, that's for sure. However, once I get started it's hard to stop. Well... sort of.

  7. wow! how did you declutter away so much? and the first photo is very beautiful! I agree: art shot.

  8. I love that painting on your wall. Colorful and cheerful.

  9. Books, books, books. I love books. I tried to reduce my cache of books two years ago, and we carted 40 bags of books to Goodwill. Alas, I have bought more books since then, even some used cook books which I look at from time to time. Who has time to cook? Dianne

  10. Your mention of the Jan Karon books reminds me of the Diane Mott Davidson books -- mystery novels with recipes. Titles like Cereal Murders or Death by Chocolate.


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