February 9, 2011

The Moment

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Work and gym. Vegan dinner out.
Herself: Spent way too much on cleaning products at the grocery store yesterday. Bought balsa wood to make tails last night. Today the thrift store, tomorrow school.

My room is filled with the sound of the heater this morning as it masks the world outside my windows. Kids silently bicycle by on their way to the high school up the hill. Skateboards make no sound to me here high in my aerie. Dog walkers and dog owners pad by unheard. The crows bark their caws out into a quiet world and I can hear their grating sounds. A jet’s roar overhead silences the birds as the first golden rays of the sun peek over the top of the point.


  1. well, at least you don't hear your neighbors having sex.

  2. Maybe that's what I need... some white noise because it's awfully noisy where I live....with dogs that is.

  3. I find looking at your phote very soothing, I wouldn't be able to make myself get up if that were my window :>

  4. It's 8 degees F. today in icy Ohio. Not a creature is stirring except a squirrel.

  5. Can almost picture sitting with you in your kitchen listening to the activities going on outside your window.

  6. And that's another reason why I run a cool mist vaporizer in the winter and fan in the summer. Love that 'white noise.'

  7. How different it is to wake up in the city from the way it is here on the island. Here it's only noisy in spring when the birds sing, and they haven't started yet this year. But they will soon.


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