February 11, 2011

On A Shining Afternoon

The STENNIS accompanied by the tug C TRACTOR 8.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Way too many cases in his inbox. No gym yesterday. He’s angry at me when I told him it was gym time. Forgot his CPA appointment. Finally off to the gym.

Herself: It wasn’t one of my more shining mornings yesterday either. School is Tuesday.

After going to great lengths to fit the pool in before school, getting really dry, remembering all my papers, dressing decently, remembering to crimp Grumpy’s wheels when parking as the cops give tickets on that hill, I found carpet cleaners in the rooms instead of students.

Feeling the proper fool for writing the wrong day in the appointment book, for we are really only as smart as our appointment books, I took my beautiful Geezer-packed lunch, water, and a book to the bay. Tomorrow the US Navy will be celebrating its aviation centennial, and yesterday the STENNIS and her air wing arrived to help celebrate.

North Island is where naval aviation began. Among the excitements will be North Island open for visitors, the STENNIS open for tours, a static display of seventy some planes and the largest military flyover since 1932. And it will be exciting. Lessa has planned to drive down with the newly nicknamed Zoie….she liked it better than MJ. I had planned on being dropped off at the bay with cameras and money for the bus, but now we will combine forces.

G will take us all down to the bay, drop us off, and go volunteer at the Automotive Museum. We will watch the flyover then bus to the park to join him and peek at the new show “Glitz and Glam” which just opened.


  1. YAY! Great photos! And I cannot wait for you to see the new exhibit!

  2. Oh dear, well, you made the best out of a bad situation.

  3. I'm so glad you're staying on task.

    The photos are glorious! My daughter served 8 years in the Navy as an Aviation Techician.

  4. How does it stay afloat??...My brother was a submariner in the Navy...

  5. Ah... but now it's the weekend and you can have fun! Great photos!

  6. Oh that is exciting!!I would have loved to have seen this is person -- esp the flyover! I hope you get lots of photos of this.


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