February 16, 2011

Rain, Rain...

Yesterday and Today
Himself: The kitty hair seems to have moved somewhere else for the moment, and he has stopped sneezing. Yesterday found out all the new stuff from our CPA, now today is getting his teeth cleaned. So glad he feels he can take the time off to take care of himself.

Herself: I was going to wash Grumpy today as he is getting serviced and diagnosed tomorrow. What good is it to wash a truck in the rain even tho he gets better service when he is clean. Today's photo was taken yesterday late afternoon.

Books, books, books. ‘Tis Wednesday, and I get to go play with books. I’m off to the pool in the rain first. Yes, I exercise with a hat on….gotta keep the glasses dry. Yes, the skies are almost black this morning. The sun is thousands of feet up in the sky this morning behind that wall of rain, but I’m off to the pool anyway.

I didn’t swim yesterday. Frankly, that small voice in my head was right. The stress of getting out of the pool at 0815, out of the hot tub at 0830, and dryly dressed and to class by 0900 wasn’t worth it. I pushed myself too hard. Today I’ll push myself only a little to make it to the store on time. I wouldn’t miss those books for anything.


  1. Boy, do I know about pushing myself too hard. I am so tired on Tuesdays I could cry. The pool time in the a.m. and the class until 10:00 at night followed by one hour drive, and I am so tired I can't sleep. Somethings gotta give. Dianne

  2. So hard to picture San Diego in the rain.
    Sometimes it's best to listen to that little voice!


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