February 5, 2011


The carpets are clean, and now we’re reconstructing the house. Our whole lives had been jammed into the upstairs bathroom. Now we want to use the bathroom.

The Geezer wanted new plastic chair mats for the computer room, and I wanted that charming, small, Victorian dresser out of the way. He had a very valid point as the old mats were split and crumbling, so now we have the new mats at an inflationary eighteen dollars more each than the last two we owned. I have a valid point as we are tripping over the dresser until it has begun to fall apart. Sometime today the dresser will go to the living room…somewhere.

And that’s us…always under construction. We have one too many pieces of furniture and far, far too much stuff, orts, and tchotchkes. I’m willing to part with a raku pot, but he likes his ducks, rooster, and fish. I’m willing to put the dining room table in the garage, but he is silent about the deco end table. Last night I brought home two beautifully painted wooden animals from Mexico that are missing their tails. Maybe it’s all my fault.

Did I say we were going to an estate sale or two this morning.


  1. You could take up trash picking and really liven things up. My daughter's first husband did that and when she moved after he died, she filled two of those boxcar sized trash containers. And, she had a yard sale of the remaining items. She blames me for part of the clutter. i told her now that she lived in the country she could have a bon fire and burn everything.

  2. I hear you loud and clear! I need to get rid of 'stuff' and organize the 'stuff' I want/need to keep. I applaud your making a start. I'm cheering for you and hope your efforts will get me moving in that direction!

  3. What happened to their tails??? So you're getting rid of stuff and replacing it with other stuff? Sounds fair.

  4. Oh fun! This is a nice reminder for me to stop collecting. Arrghhh... so hard.

  5. Just finished moving my mom from a 2 bedroom apartment to a much smaller one bedroom in assisted living. I've realized how hard it is to downsize.
    I now have much of her stuff to add to the stuff of others already stored in my garage and basement. I need to get rid of some stuff.
    Then I heard the George Carlin award show on PBS tonight, and saw his bit on stuff again.
    BINGO! He hit me right between the eyes.


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