February 17, 2011


Rolls Royce. Mother used to call them, “Rolls down can hardly” perhaps in reference to their early performance.

There I was chasing around town for an open car wash in the rain.

Our usual was sensibly closed. Another down on Rosecrans Street opened when the rain let up, and I confess that I didn’t have my camera with me. They let you ride through the car wash in your car. I was like a five year old kid. Yes, they tried to get him clean, but they didn’t do a really good job. When home, I took the Geezer’s trusty fuchsia colored wax to all Grumpy’s hard used surfaces and buffed them up a bit.

Yes, it’s true. If your vehicle looks good, you get better service. Today is the day Grumpy goes in for an oil change and diagnostics on the horrible grinding sound he makes as he starts up from a stop. We are both hoping that it’s the pilot shaft bushing that we feel MKB didn’t change out when they replaced the clutch last. The alternative isn’t good.

So I buffed and rubbed. I wiped him all down and polished his tires then I carefully backed him into the garage. The rain started just as I pulled to a stop.

A “Rolls down can hardly" from another age.


  1. Grumpy looks fine! So adorned with gussy and polish! I hope the repairs leave you with working limbs

  2. good luck! hope the repair won't cost a bundle!

  3. Isn't that always the way?

    We used to call them Rolls Kinardly. It rolls down the hill easily enough but kinardly make it up the other side.

  4. Looking good! May Grumpy's bill be small.

  5. You did a magnificent job....hope it doesn't rain on your way to the shop for repairs...

  6. You did a great job with cleaning and polishing Mr. Grumpy. Hope the repair cost is minimal too.

  7. Grumpy doesn't look so grumpy after all your hard work!


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