February 28, 2011

Small Domesticities

Yesterday and Today
Himself: We did the laundry yesterday. It was a big deal. We felt heroic when we climbed into our beyond clean bed.

Herself: Normally I do laundry Wednesdays and we do laundry maybe Sunday or I do it on Monday. Nope, we slobs did a week’s worth of laundry plus the comforter plus the wet towels from the rain all in one day….which included an hour and a half visit to the laundromat for the King sized comforter.

My friend Bee tells me that small domesticities are oxymoron’s. I retort that they are just errands.

Somehow I damaged my small keeper ring losing a tiny garnet and tearing off a prong. I feel really sad….they were all such a beautiful, dark row of garnets and have been with me for a long time. The ring goes to the jeweler this morning.

The cough goes to the doctor. I was so hoping this wouldn’t happen.

The laundry yesterday and tidying up my messes into splendid rows are a given this day of domesticities. Perhaps Costco. I need to go to the
grocery store…there are advantages of owning a
truck when one is lazy like me. Back it up to
the store and shovel food and oxymorons in.

Perhaps I need to go count my oxymorons.


  1. That's why I no longer wear my diamond wedding ring at home. So afraid of losing the diamond while doing chores. I only wear it when I go to a party or fancy restaurant or the opera.

  2. Oh I love that word oxymorons. They roll off the tongue too easily these days. My other favorite is malapropism. I'm good at those too. Dianne

  3. Went to Costco on Friday, but definitely need to get to the grocery store. Need a cuke for dinner and we're out of Cheetos!!

  4. I had a friend who personified Mrs. Malaprop. I tried to explain it to her and she said, "So who is this Mrs. Mellonpop again?"

  5. I haven't thought about Mrs. Malaprop in a long time - that post gave me a good giggle. Sorry about your ring, I have one that lost a tiny stone and managed to end up looking like I smashed my hand in a door. The jeweler did manage to fix it and round it in pretty good time. Hope yours is good as new.

  6. That's a shame about the ring.. and that your cough is doctor-worthy. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  7. I hope you have a better day tomorrow, Maggie. I don't wear most of my rings anymore. My only jewelry is now a small platinum band. Works for me. I'm sure your jeweler will do a great job.


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