February 25, 2011

Snow and Ice

Lenora and Lessa in the snow. Photo: PAH, 1967.

Winter closes in on us again. Down from the north rolls a wall of cold bringing snow to places that never have snow and rain to an already saturated earth.

I worry about the far, backcountry Campo family and wonder how they are getting around. I worry about Beth and her long drives into campus, mom Ellie drives to her own far away campus, and dad Guy into El Cajon. That’s the commute from hell for all of them in this snow. Bee reports that freeze has reached the mountains around the Valley where she lives. She figures her fruit trees are gonners but is covering up the succulents closest to the house.

None of us are used to this. Except G, of course. Though most of his childhood years were spent in Pakistan, his high school years were spent on the high plains of Colorado nestled into the foothills of the Rockies. He can drive through anything.

Not me. I grew up in Chula Vista. It did have a beautiful view then but offers only roofs and freeways now. Snow once that I remember. Mother sent me out to break the ice in the birdbath. I have some small experience with snow and slush in Virginia and one stupid drive down Franconia Notch on black ice. My passengers were almost yelling at me, and now just thinking about the experience leaves me frightened by my stupidity.

Think of my youthful mindset multiplied by millions. Driving in Southern California the next few days will be very interesting.


  1. Been wondering how you all are faring out there with this cold! It's been raining here -- washing away the treatment they put on the roads and rinsing off our cars and finally clearing away some of the snow and ice. We're under a high wind watch again today -- 60 mph. At least with all this water, we won't have the same problems we had last week with low humidity and fires.

  2. Eeeep! You are so right! I be askeered about this weekend!

  3. Be careful out there....we have the usual snow, cold, ice, snow, cold ice, rinse and repeat....

  4. Love that photo.. it's a beauty.

    Be safe!

  5. Coming from Chicago I know all about driving in snow, but it doesn't help much if none of the other drivers know what to do.

    That's a great picture.

  6. What sweet little faces in your photo. Hope you can stay off the roads until things get better.

  7. I woke up to 3-4 *more* inches of the white stuff. Thank God for Bryce and Joey who shovel me out!!!! I'm saying a novena for Spring to spring. Sigh.

    I know it's harder for you out there because you're not used to it. My morning mantra is "So much for global warming" and I try to smile.

  8. Seems we have some snow every year and usually everything closes, no school, work starts late etc. I hope everyone makes it OK--Hate that the cold is killing the plants...that happens to us alot too..a late frost kills our spring-Terrific Vintage PHOTO!!

  9. Such strange weather patterns! Here it is beautiful, blue skies, white clouds, sun - and very dry. I am sending blue sky thoughts your way. Be careful!

  10. I was thinking just recently how much more careful I've become as I've aged. I can remember passing a carload of nuns going 90 mph in Ohio's turnpike and thinking I was so cool. Oh the folly of youth. Lovely photographs of the girls by the way.


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