February 6, 2011

A South FAcing Day

Endless glassware in a hoarders estate sale. A whole
room full of glass in a house that was just isles of stuff
clear through to the attic.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Back in form puns and double entendre’s all. Submitting yesterday’s great blog picture to the National Geographic photo contest.

Herself: Small stuff. Feeling better but still coughing. My computer faces south.

It’s time for the great American Super Bowl in which I have little interest. The rest of the world looks askance at our version of the game, and ignores us. I’m going to do small things all day ending with a meeting up on top of a mountain after ignoring the game.

That’l keep me out of trouble.

For there’s more to the day than glitz and glam and hot wings.

After writing in my blog, I’ll stretch, laugh with G over the Little Fockers…which we saw yesterday after Chinese out, put another load in the washer and dryer, make the bed, read a few blogs, get a frame for the picture, deal a bit with the dresser one of whose drawers got me in the chin yesterday when I missed a step and fell while carrying it down stairs, buy a frame, cut a tail for the tailless kitty, wash car, wash truck, get gas, and do endless other small errands that have a tendency to overwhelm me if not done when they appear. Did I say shower?

I have this small feeling that I am out of step with the masses today…for some reason.


  1. I join you today in being out of step with the masses today. Football is not my thing.

  2. We took a quick trip to Costco today, to replenish our "just in case" stuff that we had used. Amazing how many people were there, stocking up for today's party. Nothing like planning ahead!

  3. Me, too! I'm not a sports fan, but I'm the only one in the family who isn't. Good thing I wasn't at that estate sale since I'd probably go crazy. I LOVE estate sales, but I promised myself after our move to Hawaii that I wouldn't crowd myself out again. Sigh... that looked like lot of fun though. I love glassware, too!

  4. I'm not watching either. I am going to the gym though and expect there will be almost no one there, no waiting for anything ;-)

  5. Hoarding is such an interesting illness, is it not??

    Went to the grocery store and bought the Big Guy six wings -- I'll have some steamed shrimp while we watch the game...If it's not interesting, or if the Steelers are winning, we'll watch stuff on PBS!

  6. I just went to a party with 2,000 of my best friends. Very weird. Alone in my room now. Thank goodness.

  7. As you know I am away from home and have this quick morning to catch up with the laptop. I did watch the first half of THE GAME with my hostess, but when she fell asleep during the opening of the third quarter I took that as my cue to head back to the guest house. I heard it was a good second half and I am a little sad that I missed it, but football is not something I seek out.

  8. I enjoyed the Super Bowl yesterday. Exciting game!

  9. You and me, both. And living in Pittsburgh I'm really out of step.

  10. I've just had an appointment with the hygienist cancelled and also have an 'out of step' feeling.
    I wonder if the glassware lady washed her glasses before the sale to make them sparkle?
    Your poor chin. I'm paranoid about eye level cupboard doors left open in the kitchen and MTL is the worst offender. Ho hum!


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