February 22, 2011

Vignette 102

Red spring dresses.

They wouldn’t rent a car to the Geezer at the dealer. His license had expired.

I drove over to get him, and we left the car there to be worked on. I didn’t officially let him drive the truck to finish the work day, and I didn’t officially let him drive to the Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV), this morning either. I went along tho. We could pretend I was driving, and if anyone insisted he take the driver’s test, I could officially take it to the driver’s test lane.

It was almost freezing when we got to the DMV an hour before they opened. He was bundled in layers as were the others already standing in the “No-appointment” line. I stayed in the car brushing sugar and donut crumbs from my front, ostensibly reading under a quilt. Soon I was dozing in the thin sunshine.

He woke me with a giant grin. He’d missed two on the written test, and he was slowed down by the line to have his picture taken, but now an hour later he had a license in hand. No one answered his question tho….why hadn’t he gotten a renewal in the mail?


  1. Undoubtedly they laid off the person who was supposed to send it. That will be the excuse for everything.

    We missed my husband's quarterly care meeting, because the notice was sent to my son, not at his last address, but to the one before that.

    I was planning to talk to the group about their lack of internal communication...

  2. In Hawaii, we don't get renewal notices, either.

  3. They give out appointments? Woo hoo, wish they would here. Chalk up one for the Geezer.

  4. I'm sure you'll probably be getting the renewal notice any time now!! :)

  5. Oops! I really appreciate the notice I got last week. I have two months to get out there to the DMV and renew mine--just as soon as the snow clears up, I'm there! Fortunately it's a ritual I only have to do very 7 years or so. I hate it!

  6. By the way, I just love these pictures, this one and the previous one (the next post) too.


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