March 30, 2011

Another Essay A Week

From the Tipton red thread quilt: FB Cobb, Dry Goods, Cloaks, Carpets, Boots and Shoes, Tipton, Ia.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He’s still working long hours, but we have begun adding social things to our lives. He just won two near front row Padre’s tickets for his job performance, and we are going to go even tho we have a commitment that Sunday.

Herself: Took the three quilts back to the store yesterday. Emailed the manager my research.

Determined to take a piece of writing to my writing class yesterday, I took an essay with me that I knew needed work. And sure enough, they shredded me. I learned a lot most importantly not to take a piece to class that I feel isn’t finished.

I rewrote the quilt blog entry, “A Fabric Kind of Day,” to focus just on the quilts alone. No more Captains pants. More research detail. I got the first two pages rewritten to a level that pleased me, but the last bit really needed work….and I knew it. She says hiding her head. Just because I have committed myself to writing an essay a week, doesn’t mean I have to take an essay a week to class.

I came home from class and cut in all the changes….and everyone suggested the same changes. After that I began working on an essay that wasn’t up to my usual stuff…..”Mutton Honey.” I haven’t posted it here and probably won’t. It’s about mother’s one time purchase of a whole sheep and how we ate mutton for a year. The result for me is an allergy to sheep products.

Have you read your labels lately. Every other item has something from sheep in it. My goal is to write about this lightly, humorously, yet find a level of drama in hives that will keep the class amused. I’m not quite there yet.

Gilmore and Roehlk, Reliable Clothiers, Tipton Ia.


  1. Mutton for a year--that must have been hard-good luck with your writing, I had planned to write an article today since ITS a free day for me, but the rain came in and now my brain has gone to sleep--Hope you have better luck with your essay!

  2. You are far braver than I would ever be to subject your writing to "feedback." Bless you.

  3. Good for you taking on the challenge of learning to write creatively. This kind of writing can be a realy challenge. Keep on keeping on and you will get where you want to be. Dianne

  4. So brave. Most of us really like feedback when it's positive and cringe or hide from it when it is otherwise. I think you are an inspiration!

  5. I'm so sorry you've been 'shredded'. I think you show courage in sharing.

  6. We learn so much from the feedback of others but I think you have real fortitude to get out there and experience that. I love you writing and would really like to see your "year of mutton" when and if you get around to it. Reminds me of the year or so when I was little that the only meat that showed up on our table was spam or fish Dad had caught. Still gag when I think of spam.

  7. I feel bad for you that you were "shredded". Feedback should be positive, I think. Glad you were able to make changes you liked.
    Enjoy the Padres!

  8. It must be hard no matter what; bringing a unfinished piece and the group shred it, or bringing a finished piece and finding out it is not finished in other people's eyes. The only thing that I could suggest is not bring anything that you just worked on. A little bit of distance in time allows a bit of distance of heart.

  9. Ouch! I don't know how I'd be able to handle everybody analyzing my writing. You're very brave and will grow from it, I'm sure.


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