March 19, 2011

A Cacophony of Projects

One of the cacophony of projects.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Will reluctantly help with the garage. Museum today. Feasters this evening. Early meeting tomorrow. Humming "A Pirate's Life For Me." No, we are not headed to, no.............arg...........

Herself: “Writing Contest.” Garage. Working on the scrap book.

Two of my projects fill big spaces in our house. G is a kind man and never says a word about my messes, but I feel the need to get at least one of them out of the way….done, out of our way.

Next to me waiting on my desk is the last two-thirds of the Mexico 2010 scrapbook. Downstairs waits the “Reluctant Quilt”….one should name a quilt my teacher said. Right in front of me waits “The Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.” If I put that off, the contest will have vanished….Poof…into the foggy air out there.

I’ll send them a poem and an essay off this morning. This is part of my project to get my words out there. I remind myself that if I can do it with paint, I can do it with words. “Everything is better with Butter” will be the poem. It’s got a reality that hits home, makes you laugh, and reminds me I still use too much butter.

For the essay, I choose the “Black Pants” piece. It’s not got the punch I want, but it did make the class laugh. Laughter is very important even tho the piece could be better crafted.

Another weekend goal is the garage…..

Don’t laugh. When I pulled the truck into the garage one day this week, I smashed the giant, Costco container of paper towels. I never heard a sound when I hit them as I did the day I rammed two framed paintings. When I got out of the truck that afternoon, the paper towels were wrapped around the bumper as if Grumpy was lovingly resting himself pillowed on the paper towels.



  1. Sounds like a full day to me.

  2. Good luck with the projects. It is so hard just to get started. I haven't. We have a double garage and only enough room for one vehicle. So many things on the to do list.....

  3. What the heck are paper towels doing in your garage? lol. Put em above your kitchen cabinet, like us.

  4. How do you keep up? I barely get one project started and I want to go lie down and read.

  5. Oooooooooops! Have fun with all your projects! We've got a busy weekend ahead of us. Mostly parties to attend though.

  6. Wonderful blog and just what I needed after a fight with my GP yesterday about weight. Butter, I love butter. Weight, to heck with it. Dianne

  7. Love how you smacked your towels. No damage so the story was funny!

  8. May all your landings be as soft.

  9. We need a photo of the towels wrapped lovingly around your car....

  10. That's what we can refer to as a soft landing!
    And your 'messes' look awfully organized to me!!


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