March 1, 2011

Dashing Through The Snow (With Pictures)

All yesterday’s oxymorons fell in place by after dinner time. My doctor makes me seem beyond lazy as I knew her late call was just the middle of her work hours well after the end of mine.

I took my ring to be repaired and ate lunch by the bay marveling at the snow on the mountains, marveling at the parade of working boats busily plying the bay. Both sets of mountains, the Laguna’s and the Cuyamaca’s, reared their white heads over the city, and I got pictures.

Instead of working on and posting pictures now, I’m off to the pool at 0630 with G, instead of 0730 with my class, attempting to keep exercise and school in my life on Tuesdays. Pictures now about eight before class, before NCIS…..ah, the addictions of old ladies.


  1. This old lady will be waiting!

  2. Love the work on balance, makes me smile to see imagine you so dashing! :)

  3. Must admit that the first photo is wonderful. The contrast of lovely weather against the white winter...!

  4. The top photo is stunning for sure! ITS hard to juggle time--but you seem to have the majik.

  5. You are a good trooper today. You'd think it an easy matter to keep our minds and body active, but it really isn't. Thank you for your note the other day. I'm also trying to do my best to be a good trooper. (lol)

  6. Sounds like it may be warming up there? Looks beautiful regardless.

  7. So interesting to see snow on the mountains!

    I'm heading to the gym after PT.


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