March 2, 2011

An Essay A Week

Pinnacle Grill, 2010, Copyright G.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: As his company expands, bosses are shuffled. He met his new boss yesterday. The new boss asked him to do less, and G asked not to be sent north as a trip to Escondido puts an hour-plus hole in his caseload.

Herself: Started with the new drugs. Little coughing, no cough meds at night, and two coughs this morning. Did the pool yesterday with G at 0630, and that fits well with a class at 9.

The Tuesday writing class is vastly smaller than the Wednesday workshop, and selfishly I can read almost any time I attend. Last week I read the rewritten Semi/Mac truck bit. Yesterday I read a much worked over version of the Black Pants blog entry. I didn’t think it had much punch to it, but I wanted to bring something to read. I was much surprised to find the whole crew laughing as I read.

The saga of a fat lady shopping appealed to everyone, and the comments on Plus Size and Fat Ladies clothes actually got them laughing so loud I had to laugh myself. One lady asked me if I had been channeling Erma Bombeck, and another commented that I hit the nail on the head with my clothing comments.

Here I had thought that it wasn’t very well written and lacked a punch at the end. I came home much heartened with only one or two small changes to make. Very encouraged by all this, I immediately leapt into an essay version of the Brown Derby Cobb Salad. I have a whole week to reinvent that piece and make myself laugh about salad. I am going to keep the recipe at the end.

One error I made was due to my active forgettery. No header. No name. No blog address. No email. No date. I use the Blogger address rather than the OD URL as many folks can’t get to OD nor can they leave notes. Hiding my head in shame, the first thing I did when I got home was to add the header at the top. Of course I forgot to add pagination, but, ya know, the header is progress.


  1. Taking a writing class sounds like a whole lot of fun. I remember taking a short one when I was teaching and really learned a lot.

  2. I'm impressed that you can come up with an essay a week. And they are all good. Keep writing.

  3. People recognize themselves when you write something so revealing about yourself and aren't afraid to say it. That's the universal appeal of writers like Bombeck, and you as well here in Postcards. Just my thoughts, but listen to Ruthe and keep writing.

  4. Congratulations! You are such an ambitious woman. If you can incorporate your photos with your words, I think you will get high praise.

  5. congratulations on those blog posts you read. It's nice to be complimented.

  6. High praise from me too! I think you are brilliant!

  7. Would love to have a group to share my writing with -- my last short story is about a woman who in dieting withdrawal frenzy hijacks a potato chip truck.

  8. Sounds like great feed back and should really inspire you.

  9. What a wonderful gift, another audience who loves your writing. Keep on!


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