March 25, 2011

Friday Liite 105

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Singing. Often. Making jokes, going to the gym, buying smaller pants, and working far less hours.

Herself: Admiring the purple and gold sunset. Enjoying the rain covered streets, the reflections, this morning.

  • Wednesday I drove to the gym and discovered a short in Grumpy’s dash. When I went to clean out his cab before leaving for work, I discovered a rotten tomato slowly sinking into the carpet with little grey stuff growing at the carpet level. I was very angry. I shampooed, and scrubbed, and didn’t get all the black and orange stain out. Grrrrrrr. I left work early and took him to the dealer. Yes, I explained that when I turned on the lights, the radio numbers turned off. After a great discussion with me, while thinking I was crazy, they diagnosed it the same as G and I and told me I was right. I had recently used the potentiometer for the first time in about ten years. They gave us a discount on the part….having one single one in the parts department, and I got out of there with a professional discount at 180.00.

  • Lessa has the same problem with her Exploder. G found the part she needed for seven bucks on line with no guarantee. Now she won’t burn down either if this new part works.

  • A male voice on the phone saying ‘granma” last week. He was faint. He said granma twice then there was silence. It was one of the Campo crew, but which one. I wish I knew. Its bothering me.

  • Finished the photo album. Oh, hurrah!!! Only four errors, and all I had to do was switch the pictures. The pictures and words are all encased in a nice, rich red, linen album. Progress on the Projects.

  • G stopped at an estate sale and got us a 1930’s staple remover and a bowling game. Imagine feeling free and unpressured at last.

  • It's officially spring here. We have a new baby crow outside our bedroom window. This one sounds normal. Last years baby didn't sound good at all.


  1. Hope you get answers to your questions, and next week is not so troubled.

  2. I never go to estate or garage or yard sales, because I hate to shop. It's the most tiresome chore ever. I admire people who do, though. What patience they have!

  3. Hope you find out who called you and why....
    Glad you got the vehicle fixed and hope Grumpy is not so...."grumpy" now.

  4. Sounds like the closer moon is screwing things up!

  5. I love that guy's pants! Sorry!

  6. Sad to see Grumpy's being carted to the hospital...


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