March 4, 2011

Friday Lite

  • I flat out love waking up and knowing I’m going to work at the Discovery Shop. Oh, there’s cranky folks, happy folks, and folks that do life their own way there, but none of it matters. It’s being able to give back that leaves me with a smile in the mornings.

  • Pool, ah the water in the pool. Monday it was warm. A little too warm for the lap swimmers, but perfect for those of us who are jumping up and down in it. Tuesday it was cooler, but still good for us. Wednesday cooler still, and Thursday the water was flat out cold. Shall I drive over there, I wonder, and see if they turned the heater up a bit? At least the heater on the hot tub is working again. We start class late now because they were forced to give the lone guard a ten minute break. They don’t have a second guard on staff….a cost saving measure as they need one for only ten minutes. Ah, politics. Ah me. Do I want to take the chance that the pool is even colder today?

  • Gas is well over four dollars a gallon at certain stations. The highest priced station in the whole city is right over the hill near the airport. I’m always appalled when I see someone actually getting gas there. I put $44.00 in Grumpy last week at a cheapie station. That gave me 3/4 of a tank. Pretty bad stuff.

  • One of the ladies who swims is having a home sale of cooking pots and pans….much like the Tupperwear model. So many folks are inventing new ways to sell stuff at homes, inventing new ways to work in this depression. This one is for cookwear. All the class was Oooooing and Ahhhhhing over the stuff in the brochure while admitting they don’t cook any more. I cook but have everything in the little booklette. They didn’t need to hear that. I didn’t need to hear that either.

  • Coffee Shop writer. That was me yesterday. I took the laptop with careful notes on how to turn it on, to a corner coffee shop. This one has been here a while but has limited parking. Having tried other’s in the neighborhood and not liked something about them, it was time for something new. Good coffee; good cookie. I finished the second draft of the Cobb Salad piece….not bad either. I loved that picture too.

  • Life moves on. He goes to the gym; I go to the gym. He goes to work; I go to work….at something…writing, quilting, reading, cooking dinner, volunteering. I stood in the sunshine by the deck yesterday and had one of those moments. Just then, a moment of clarity of knowing that this was as good as it got


  1. Coffee shop writer. I love that! I do that sometimes, but I don't produce anything noteworthy.

  2. I think I hear the pachunka of a nice rhythm to your life right now.

  3. Coffee shop writer is just perfect! Hope you have more of "those moments". They are often too few and far between.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. I love as good as it gets. It is simply my favorite. More warm sunshine to you!

  5. You make me feel so lazy.....LOL
    I do enjoy reading about your day, however.

  6. So much news! Cold water is not fun to swim in. That is for sure. We have "warm water day" on Fridays at our local pool. This means that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are just fine, but Sunday to Wednesday are only for the hearty.

  7. I hope you have many, many more moments of standing in the sun (with hat and SPF 30) an knowing that life is good.

    Are those ceramic tiles in the photo?


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