March 18, 2011

Friday Lite

Silk strings.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Was singing again yesterday. Was home on time with all his work done early. Has company meeting tonight. They are paying overtime. Slowly we get used to all this.

Herself: Last night’s hamburger with one side was actually too much food. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Silk strings. They boggle my mind….and I actually bought one. See the bright green one in the bowl…that’s mine. Now what do I do with it.

  • "Don’t be condescending to seniors," says Dear Abby this morning. Most seniors, and aging defender Ronni Bennett prefers the word “elder,” are all "there" she continues. Yet often, and I have had this happen, a service worker will not talk directly to the senior. Don’t call them “sweetie” either. It’s an area defined word, perhaps also by time. It was used commonly in the 1940’s and 50’s, but it’s considered ageist and sexist now.

  • Money Saving Tips: Again, from Ronni Bennett this morning, Use the dishwasher. Let the dishes pile up. That will save you $40.00 a year. Wrap your hot water heater in a blanket….that will save you even more. Our friend and blogger Marion B installed solar panels and was selling power back to our local utility. I bet you all can think of many more. The little savings add up to a big savings overall.

  • Bob Brady’s family has reached Kyoto. It sounds as if the Japanese power company is attempting to overpower it’s consumers with verbage. Not only am I learning more Japanese language and geography during this disaster, I am getting to watch a government and utility do the cup shuffle with words.

  • We are getting our share of hot air here today too. Radioactivity is supposed to reach the West Coast today, and “There’s nothing harmful.” Oy, Yeah?

  • For you here on Blogger, this comment doesn't matter. For those on Open Diary, OD is down. A second day. Our readers are like family, and when a server goes, or a program cuts off access, we miss our family yet can do nothing.

  • I’m going to shuffle books today. Keep life local. My Friday coworker, Norah, seems to be recovering well from her second bout with colon cancer. They think they got it all….and we are cheered. Her husband has cancer in the neck. They are unable to stop its growth, and the doctor’s have stopped all treatment. I feel so sad for her. Most of the volunteers at our thrift shop have had cancer. I appreciate every one of them.


  1. When I saw the picture of silk strings, one question came to mind -- and you asked it! For those of you who have long hair, I can imagine a pretty hairdo.

    Our local meteorolgist was working as an aide to our governor during the Three Mile Island scare. He had worked up some air dispersal measures and such regarding the dangers to Connecticut. Aside from monitoring dairy products for Strontium 90, there seemed to be little danger.

    I don't know...

  2. Good things to think about in this post.

  3. Cancer is still much too popular if you ask me. Wish we could figure out how to say no to it!

  4. The photos always make me do your words of wisdom.

  5. Yeah, OD is down. It seems to be down more than up lately, so like you, here I am, again. I haven't posted anything today, but probably will be later on. Lucky will post his OD entry when it's back. :)

  6. I have some small ceramic frogs that I wear as a necklace with a silk thread.

  7. I think the entire world is in for a real roller coaster with all the radiation and assorted problems. This is just the beginning.

  8. I'm so sorry for your co-worker, Norah. I have a friend who is going through some difficult times with her husband. It's painful.

    I do use my dishwasher and fill it for about 3 days before running it. I like the idea of a heater blanket. I wonder where I can find one. I shall look into it. Thanks for the great idea.

  9. Cancer sucks! On that we all agree.

    Can you knit something with those silk strings?


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