March 11, 2011

Friday Not So Lite

High storm tide, Ocean Beach lifeguard tower, 2008.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Still pleased with the new workload tho he brought two home with him. Dinner out with Jay, Duck’s old friend. Dinner didn’t sit well.

Herself: Jay is looking good tho is voice was damaged by surgery for a blocked artery. On Plum seven. Sewed a bit too. Thrift store today. ....where Timothy M stopped by to see me. Old friend who looks well despite a physically harrowing year.

Lessa: She posted her essay, A Silence that Kills today. She also posted her piece, “Second Chances” just below that. She vows to write more often.

  • Tsunami watch here on our coastline. I view the first films out of Japan with horror. I hear the sirens in HI as background to the local news as they tell us to stay away from the coastline. I’ll go about my day with an eye on friends who live in the islands.

  • Talking with Jay over dinner about Dr. Jay. He’s doing far worse than I could have imagined. His home now resembles a hoarder’s. His kitchen sink remains broken, he does dishes in his tub, he doesn’t shower, he can no longer concentrate when he is awake. He’s sleeping almost 23 hours a day….with his cat on his sofa. All his friends are putting distance between them, and because of his decisions he’s becoming very alone. Speaking of horror.

  • Lenora remains very angry with me. I remember being very angry at my alcoholic mother for all those years. “It was all her fault.” I didn’t know that I could take charge of my own life and let that anger go. She’s upset with me because I don’t write about her. Her story is her’s to tell not mine tho I wish I could rebut her sadness.

  • We changed the blanket on the bed. Too hot Wednesday night, that was us. Last night, perhaps we were too cool. Night mares about lost grandkids…..perhaps it was the food. Nightmares about facebook and family there. Guck! We are not eating at that restaurant again.

  • Tax time. Normally we get our stuff to the tax man asap. Not this year. Not all the 1099’s have arrived nor have explanations why they are late. We are just going to add the totals…..including office space, electric, and all those home office things for G. I’ll get the pile to our tax guy next week and suggest he make the ritual calls to Key for the not here 1099’s. We will get ourselves in the queue and hope for the best.

  • Stay high today. Don’t go to the beach. Even if the waves don’t get you, the crowds will.


  1. It is times like these that make us appreciate the small and glorious wonders of so many things. Stay safe, my friend.

  2. Oh the complexities of living.

    As a Texan it seemed strange to awake this morning to a tsunami alert on the coast. Never heard the word until we moved to Oregon. Daughter-in-law's family in Japan are safe.

    Hang in there.

  3. My niece was in Hawaii and evacuated out. Thank heavens. Hope your coasts do not suffer damage.

  4. I also await news from friends on coasts throughout the Pacific. Thus far, no tragedy. I am proud of your stance on your daughter. I would be feeling guilty and second guessing it all.

  5. Stay on the highground. We're worried about friends in Hawaii and Japan. Wait and pray.

  6. Glad that you are ok and I hope your many friends do well too. I read the essays...very revealing...good luck to her as well.

  7. I didn't leave a comment on Lessa's essay, but I was totally moved by it. Her "lost life" has been retrieved, and I couldn't be happier for her if she were my own daughter. I'm happy for you.
    Now, I was concerned for you when I heard about the earthquake this morning. Naturally I'll be keeping an eye out and crossing my fingers and toes that it loses most of its steam as it heads toward your end of the coast.
    I understand the too hot, too cold problem. I've temporarily solved it by using a blanket on my side and keeping my section of the down comfort mostly rolled up between Hubby and me.

  8. That essay was amazing. It should be required reading for those entering treatment. I have a friend who runs a treatment center. Do you think it would be okay to send a link to it to him? Is she okay with it being shared?
    Take care-sounds like you need a quiet weekend.

  9. Very, very sad about Dr. Jay. Is there no one to intervene?

    It's also hard when others want to rely on us to 'hang their star'. You're right, of course, as painful as this is, that everyone is responsible for creating and telling their own story.

    Blessings, Kathy


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