March 17, 2011


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Rolling and Caddy Green.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: In deference to sponsee who can’t see that some adaptation is something she can do, we once again ate at Vegan…which kept me up but not the Geezer. Lite day ….so far.

Herself: Massive donation of books Tuesday. I put all the Nora Roberts on Sale…..a huge, tall bookcase of them. I’m beginning to think that Roberts writes a romance book a day. Sat on the sofa and couldn’t move when I tried to get up. Very discouraged. That sofa doesn’t make it. G promised me a gooey hamburger for dinner and foam to raise the height of the seat.

Earthquake Updates: Robert Brady’s Quake Updates; Kay in Hawaii; Gigi Hawaii.

I’m very moved by Robert Brady’s earthquake updates and his struggle to get his daughter, son in law, and granddaughters to safety. I was absolutely cheered this morning by the news that the family reached, “the shinkansen, which is FULL of kids being sent south... they should be in Kyoto soon. Will post a picture of them all when possible...”

Each morning I catch a glimpse of the disaster on television before heading off into life. When I get home, the disaster has grown exponentially inside that big box. I was amazed to see the Emperor speaking. My grandpa worked with his father, and I still have the gifts the Emperor’s staff gave grandpa for coming out to help with a zoological problem. I’m amazed to see what ever details the TV executive’s judge viewable, and I read the paper for the details of the nuclear plants.

Kay in Hawaii gives us a moment of chopstick relief after her aunt in Sendai was heard from.

Each evening at the close of day, I follow the news reports. KPBS has been having fund raising all week so there’s been no Doc Martin or Antiques Roadshow. CBS offers NCIS reruns. G and I weren’t any too happy with that after the end of the last cliff hanger. Instead I watch Canadian news, 24 hour news on CNN…with too many commercials, local news, and national news.

While I watch, I worry about our antique nuclear plants up the coast. We didn’t know as much about earthquakes, fault lines, tsunami’s, or construction in the early sixties. Those guys also smoked a lot of dope when they built those reactors….then they came down the coast and built our condo complex….where not one corner is right angled nor is one thing straight. Oy!


  1. Thanks for the Brady link, so hard to imagine what is going on there and how anyone is managing. God speed them on their journey to safety.

  2. I have read Bob's blog for a long time and feel as if is a distant brother. I love your phrase about 'chopstick relief.' Maybe you should wind that into a Haiku? I live only 5 miles from a reactor and they are building a new addition as I write!

  3. Terrible that a geological fault exists not far from a nuclear plant in California.

    Hawaii has no nuclear plants, but nuclear-powered submarines do dock in Pearl Harbor.

  4. Hopefully, the guys who built your plants did not buile ours. Drugs are illegal in VA. I keep thinking of Kevin Bacon in animal house..."Remain Calm" as the crowd tramples him. Dianne

  5. Wow!!!! A perfect St. Patrick's Day car!!!!! Glad you had fun!

  6. Thanks for the mention, Maggie. I really needed a bit of chopsticks relief because the worry does not end.

    I'm impressed that your grandfather did some work for Emperor Hirohito. I was surprised to hear Emperor Akihito on TV. He and his wife, Empress Michiko always seem like tragic figures to me.

    Meanwhile I just wish our relatives would get out of Sendai. Somehow...

  7. You're so right: It seems the news just gets more and more tragic.

    You made me laugh about the guys who built the reactor up the Coast and then came down and built your house!

    I share your sentiments about NCIS! Now they're just pissing me off...


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