March 26, 2011

Mending the Captain's Pants

Yup, that belt is mended, and by noon, so will the Captains geocaching pants.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Battled traffic and the rain yesterday. He then had to come home and write up all his wrecks….during and after the sofa and chairs got washed at the laundromat. He’s a very good man. Kind, thoughtful and puts up with me too.

Herself: Found three quilts in the Father Joe piles. A boss thought they were too dirty and stained to put out. I took two to the Quilt Museum after work, and they said one was a summer quilt…no batting, and the other a red thread quilt. The third is handmade of mens suiting and feather stitched along the seams. We could ask hundred each, the quilt lady told me.

Items of Interest: 100 years ago 146 people died in the Triangle Waist Factory fire. Cornell University has an excellent site about this important disaster. This today from Ronni Bennett.

Last Sunday Captain Poolie had a fine adventure during which she ripped her favorite geocaching pants.

Poor Captain Poolie.

I rashly announced, loudly of course, that I could mend her pants not taking into account the size of the rip or the condition of the fabric. Once I realized what I had let myself in for, I rushed off to Joann’s Fabrics and luckily found the one little old lady who realized I spoke beyond my talents. She also found a thread named “Jeans” that’s the exact gold that sews together Captain Poolie’s jeans jacket.

Now that I have one of the new fusibles in hand, for this isn’t something that will sit on a shelf forever unseen, and have my instructions to place the dots face down on the fabric, I can proceed. I have to confess. I was not exactly delicate while putting together AIDS Quilt panels. Hack and slash was me. Hack and slash is often me when I quilt anything. Here, this classic pair of maroon pants will be worn through the ages and seen by multitudes. I should at least match the threads.


  1. I'm sure the mending of the geo cache pants belonging to our special Captain will be awesome. And if you had to put a pirate themed patch or two on them; it would be worthy of being framed as ART!

  2. Bravo, mending is not my forte, I applaud your generosity.

  3. Lucky you! I gave my sewing machine to my elder daughter, as I no longer know how to use it.

    We go to a laundry place, where they have a tailor who mends our clothes for a reasonable price.

  4. What a kind soul you are to mend the Captain's pants. I love your machine set up. I assume it disassembles. I miss sewing, but I gave my machine away to my granddaughter who actually uses it to make her clothes (the ones she doesn't buy at the thrift store) Your blurb about the Triangle fire is the second one I have seen this week. I am happy someone remembers those poor women. Dianne

  5. They are totally awesome! Thank you!

  6. Oh my gosh! That is a huge tear in her pants. You were kind to offer to fix it for her.

  7. handy with the needle! you're the one i'll call upon, dearest Mage, when we mend sails! you and me, on deck with our sewing palms and a big jug of beverage of your choice!

  8. Captain Poolie is a lucky woman!!


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