March 22, 2011


Tuesdays always offer a hurried morning. Hurry up and wait, actually.

I go with G to the gym when he does, usually 0630. The last two days, the heater in the pools has been broken. Yesterday the water was 72….too cold to swim, and today they “said” 79. My bones said colder than that. I swam anyway. If I don’t keep moving, I will stop moving, forever I am afraid.

So I didn’t swim yesterday and spent my morning at therapy where I was pulled and pushed and twisted before lunch by the bay. That was a treat but I was without camera. Oh, guilt.

Then home to work on the Christmas cruise album. I printed out the footers and copy for Mazatlan, La Paz, and Cabo San Lucas. Not a bad typestyle, and as I work with the vastly newer copy of Word that I now own, I learn all sorts of things. Details like dropped caps….no work at all with this program.

I’m still wet but off to school. Have a great day…..she says waving.


  1. I do not like having to much stuff to do in the day. I like just sitting around and picking up little why does your post make me a little jealous?

  2. Still having a wonderful visit. Lunch this morning at the Naked Cafe off Rosencrans; dinner last night at the Fish Market.

    We love it here!!

  3. Waving back and hoping that you didn't get too cold in the water!

  4. It's a weird Tuesday. We stayed home and just vegged out today because the weather was so bad. I do have line dancing tonight though. That will keep me moving.

  5. Thats COLD water no fun--
    I love a nice soak in a hot tub then a swim..but I like a heated pool too-


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