March 20, 2011

Projects Ho

With submissions envelope.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Had fun at the museum. It was crowded, and there were lots of people to talk with….his least favorite thing. We did have fun at dinner. Begun rebuilding his old computer.

Herself: Finished one project begun another and today will finish a third.

While G puttered with his computer, I rewrote two pieces, got ready to submit online when I found my computer wasn’t compatible with their submissions program. G, my dear techie, couldn’t make it work either. Packaged everything for snail mail and wrote a tidy email complaining.

The Box.

He tackled a house problem we have had for two years. The city put a street light right outside our bedroom window, and we sleep with the bedroom sliders open. This is fine during the summer when the trees outside mask the light. Not in the winter.

We have been hiding the blinding light from the lamp with various things stuck/attached/skewered to and on the screen door. The light was so bright the other night that it kept G awake. He solved that problem the first night by nailing a box to the balcony. So we wouldn’t get a complaint from the board, we went shopping for another solution.

A cheap plastic container with wood inside screwed down which is also not allowed.

No one uses plastic plants any more. You can’t even find them at thrift stores. They’ve all gone to plastic plant heaven. You can still find them at Michael’s though.

Ta Da….neither wind or rain or sunshine will stop these plants on their appointed rail.

And with a little G ingenuity, they mask the blinding light of safety far, far better than a box while requiring zero maintenance.


  1. Love G's solution. I have similar problems, but no possibility of easy, or inexpensive, solutions. So I sleep with the covers heaped up around my head.

  2. I commend G on his solution. Very nice.

  3. Our streetlight isn't bright enough to bother me. I do like the eastern outlook, however, to remind me it's time to get up.

    Excellent solution. Do you have to take it when you leave, or do you leave it for the next owners?

  4. You guys are quite the solvers! Love the approach. No one can complain. I am going to assume it is working?

  5. G is a very creative fellow!!!! And good luck with your submissions!

  6. What is it with neighbors who have blinding lights that shine into your bedroom at night? We had a new neighbor buy the building behind us and immediately attach 6 or 7 huge spotlights to his roof. We live in one of the safest communities around so this seems absurd. Where does he think he is Afghanistan?

    Love G's solution. Why am I not surprised to find you have a Michal's near you?

  7. Crazy. All the best to your dear guy who figured out the simple solution. It's too bad you can't get the local governing committee to turn off the light during the deep hours of the night. We have a strobe light that does the same, but found someone to turn it off between midnight and six am. Winter months this means the light is on in front of our houme from 4 pm to midnight (darkness) and from 6 am to 9 am (also darkness). At least we can sleep though.

  8. Beautiful solution! You two are very creative.

  9. What a scathingly brilliant solution! You two are just so funny. Congrats on your submissions. I am in awe of you, my friend.

  10. Excellent solution! It looks very pretty, but the part that really made me smile was the no maintenance part.

  11. I always have fresh flowers
    but also a few faux scattered around the house. They are excellent. One large one I have in the hall, which doesn't get a lot of natural light looks exactly like a cannabis plant - so I'm told. I have to remember not to water them.
    Good luck with the submissions. I put mine on hold whilst MTL has been ill but think now it's time to start again.

  12. I gave up on real flowers on my front balcony because I forget to water often enough when the summer gets hot. Last year I resorted to cheap silk flowers at said Michael's. Found they work really well mounted in a basket on the balustrade, stored them inside for winter, and now waiting for a warm day to install them again. No one, as far as I'm aware, from the street knows the difference. Great solution, G. I hate light on my face when I'm trying to sleep also!

  13. Beautiful!!! Does G stand for 'genius'? :)

  14. perfect! well, if it was an obnoxiously bright growlight, at least, you could have tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, corn, squash...all while you sleep! xoxo c!


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