March 24, 2011

Puerto de Pichilingue

Storied La Paz greeted us with its desert façade. The nearest place for ships to dock is the port of Pichilingue far north of the city in the desert. Several ferry companies dock there and there is a oil refining plant just south of the cruise ship dock. They’ve made a great effort, but the port still looks like two metal sheds on a dirt cut out.

Two old Stena Line ferries greeted us. Another pulled in as we were leaving looking like rust was its middle name. All I could do was shake my head and get lots of pictures. Today I am pasting some of them into an album page. I’m hoping by that this project, with its varied images, will be finished by dinner time.

Bussed from the Puerto to La Paz itself, the view from the windows reminded me of what our beautiful city must have looked like when settlers first arrived. Today, using water from the Colorado River, which isn’t ours, governments have created beauty where before there was hardscrabble and dry washes.


  1. Seems like you have been everywhere. Very nice pictures!

  2. Love the shots of the desert cactus. I used to grow small ones in pots, but don't anymore. Also took a peek at your church from yesterday. Very SW theme. Have a great day. Dianne

  3. The contrast of a ship in the desert and the blue water and the cactus is pretty amazing. Great photos! Thanks.

  4. Great pictures, especially the port. The contrasts are amazing.

  5. Desert landscapes are intriguing to me.


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