March 23, 2011

So Spoiled

Cathedral Basilica of Immaculate Conception, Mazatlan, BC, Mexico.

When they tell me the pool is 79, the truth is usually colder. Yesterday it was really 72 and falling. A notice was posted that someone was coming to look at the “new” heater in the afternoon. I managed 15 minutes before turning blue. Usually exercise and lap pools are set at 80 + -. The hot tub is hot at 102. Pools for those with arthritis are set at 85. No hot I took a long hot shower on their dime.

In class, no one asked me to read my poem a second time, and the group suggested a change to one word. The change made it much clearer, but I’ve submitted it with no change. All I could do was wonder if I could send WD an email….”I submitted a poem via snail mail, and in line 24 could you please change the word “until” to “From.” Oh, well.

I managed to eat lunch in class and not fall asleep. Progress. Then I came home and fell asleep over my computer. I cannot say I am impressed with myself. The pages up for Mazatlan got built just in time to start dinner. I have Cabo, La Paz, and a final page on disembarkation to build, and I am done. Maybe I will build one more page today after playing with books. We will see.


  1. I've been reading Hemmingway's Movable Feast and also the new book about his Paris Wife and along with everything else I am struck by the amount of thought and emotion that hovers around every word added to or subtracted from a piece. Gertrude Stein told him to take every thing out...get down to the barest of bare. A Rose is ....

  2. I think that there are great writers who use lots of words and great writers who are spare. It has something to do with how they paint the feeling or scene in my mind. I so wish I had such a talent...there is a lot of cool stuff in my mind rolling around...never to be set on paper.

  3. I am reading "How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One" by Stanley Fish. I would like to think it will help me write sentences, but I don't suppose so. We write what we write because that's what we are.

  4. I really admire your determination to get your exercise in. I've got to get my butt moving because I've gained 4 pounds over the weekend. This is a gorgeous photo. I love the angle.

  5. Did the change (from for until) change the rhythm? Sometimes simple word changes make all the difference, and I think the cadence is what resonates with the reader.

  6. I used to swim a lot at the beach or pool when I was in my 20s and 30s. Now that I am 65, I don't swim at all. Just don't want to.

    Hubby, on the other hand, swims 5 nights a week at 24 Hr Fitness. He likes the hot tub, as well. Great way to chat with acquaintances.

  7. Good on you for leaving your word!

  8. Yeah hubby is a very positive things at old age. Do you know what? I love hot tub more comfortable after a long working period. It makes me relax.
    Love your blog.

  9. When I swam on a team, we'd practice in water that was usually in the 60s! Now, I think if I did that, my heart would stop!!


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