March 31, 2011


A Peace Rose from the hotel grounds last year. 2010.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Off before dawn to look at a truck for a new insurance company. Big fuss over this.

Herself: It’s my day off that isn’t. Our housekeeper will be here, so I won’t be alone ‘till noonish. I get half a free day. Lessa really ill with a bug.

The writing group is publishing a new Anthology of our work. One restriction is that the work must have been read in class. I haven’t been back in class long, so that’s going to be a limit for me. I have been reading essays in class, so I have several essays that I can submit but only one poem’s been read. I cannot submit that because I’ve sent it to the WD Contest. I’ve taken to putting headers with the publishing, reading and submissions information at the top of the poem or essay. I won’t remember any of this unless I write it down.

I’d like to submit both an essay and a poem, but I have only the briefest time left to read a poem in class before the submissions window is closed.

Yes, I am reading all of you….with greater attention thanks to Google Reader, but my time seems to have gone the way of all good things…perhaps into essays. On my Blogger page, I have a hundred some people stopping by a day but only six or seven leave me notes. Usually on OD I find about 20 notes, but even then I can’t seem to make the time to reciprocate. Mea Culpa.

The bottom line here is I need to get back to work on the blue Quilt. Instead we are being social….which is really good for us.

It’s Kay’s 30th birthday this Saturday at exactly the same time that we are both wanted at G’s museum. You bet we will figure out how to do both. We won’t see Lessa tho as she doesn’t want to share her cold with Kay…who had lung cancer and has emphysema. Next week there’s a Feasters dinner and the Padre’s day game. The following week, we have a Cancer Society lunch and a tour of a truck museum in Campo….and see Granddaughter Beth and her mom. No one I know has ever been there.

The week after that, we have four days at a convention. We will put smiles on our faces and volunteer at the volunteer booth for two days. We are even staying at the hotel for two of the days.

You want us? We will be at the ice cream Social.


  1. No 'Mea culpas" necessary. Enjoy yourself, Maggie.

    I know -- lots of people stop by, but rarely leave those wonderful notes. I really do enjoy them.

  2. Sounds like you have a full and happy life. Don't worry about losing friends here. I am sure most of us like to hear about your adventures. Be good to yourself and I hope you win the poetry contest. Dianne

  3. over 400 views yesterday but only a few comments. lots of lurkers on my blog.

  4. Have some ice cream for me, and don't worry about writing comments. We will all love you anyway.
    BTW, the rose is gorgeous.

  5. No worries about comments. Real life calls. Beautiful rose.

  6. I read your posts all the time. sometimes I don't have enough operating brain cells to respond but still like to keep up.

  7. I see you're struggling to fit it all in just as I am! Like Ruthe says, we'll love you anyhow. Another coincidence! I too just listed my favorite blog reads into a Google reader.

  8. It's spring and we are all flying around on different adventures. It is marvelous that you still post so regularly. I'm up and down depending on pressures of work and family.

  9. Enjoy yourself! Don't worry about us. I'm not always consistent in my blogging. Life does intrude as it should. An ice cream social sounds great!

  10. Don't apologize because you have a life...wish I did...sometimes. ;-)


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