March 8, 2011

'Tiz The Season

Yesterday and Today
Of Note: It’s International Women’s Day today. Today there are still women forced to marry at 13. Other places women are still chattel. Remember when you couldn’t get a CC in your own name?

Himself: The new boss called and talked with G about cutting the number of wrecks to a more manageable level.

Herself: Wrote and rewrote the Cobb piece. The goal is not to rewrite the life out of it but clarify it. Teeth cleaned. Small filling needed. No gym. Unless I go with G, there's no gym on Tuesdays because of class.

Spring training is with us. Our friend Don and I follow things with interest. This player retires, this player goes in for surgery, and our very favorite comes back to coach….that sort of thing. We are hoping to inspire the great Geezer into attending a game or two or more this coming year. We’ve been rather baseballess since I retired, and I find there’s a hole in life.

It’s hard when he works such long hours to attend a game. But’s time. Stir the old interest, poke him a bit. See what happens. Gather with friends on the chill seats at the start of the season, exchange stats, talk about shoulders and scores. Sip a coke. There’s a new owner, so perhaps there’s a new way of thinking in the baseball air.

Maybe we will find out.


  1. Baseball pretty much left me behind in the '90's, but I still enjoy hearing who's coaching the training camps. Yogi Berra, for example. And my favorite, Sandy Koufax.

  2. We had fun going to a few games the first season of The Walla Walla Sweets (which is in the
    West Coast League, no big ball clubs here. But it was fun.

  3. I'm not a huge sports fan, but this reminds me of the times we spent at Wrigley and Comiskey Fields. They were fun days.

  4. Anything that makes you happy can be an excitement in the day....hope the weather holds, you get to sit in the sunshine and enjoy the peanuts and Crackerjack...I know you won't care if you NEVER get back. Root, root, root.....well; you get the idea!

  5. I've also missed your baseball stories. It was so much fun to get the behind-the-scene reports and your humour and enthusiasm for the sport made for entertaining posts. Hope you and G. manage to get to more games this season.

  6. Love Baseball--while living in NYC I attended games of the Mets, Yankees, and the minors my neighborhood Cyclones!! ALL good teams-and fun to attend..hope you can convince G thats its a good thing!!

  7. Lucky you. I assume you have the Padres there for spring training. We have the Nationals here. No one knows who they are. Especially me.


  8. Nope....they are over there in AZ for spring training, and most of the team I knew well are here as coaches now. Then again, we seem to have a good manager

  9. I, I do love going to a baseball game. It was my grandmother's favorite thing to do, and she always took me when I was young. They tore down the really wonderful field here where we live - now it is a housing development.

    Have fun at the park some days for all of us!

  10. Neat that you don't have to travel far for pre-season games. Although, it was fun last year when I went down to Sarasota to see the "Boys of Summer" in spring training.


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