April 30, 2011


Yesterday and Today
Himself: No longer trying to do all they put in his queue. I’m so proud of him. Coughing. Sneezing. Oh dear, oh dear.

Herself: Again, a really tired and painful day at work. Maybe it’s just my allergies. Wedding: Got to see it on CNN amid the commercials last night. A delightful continuity for me amid the amusing hats, dresses, and spring colors.

I lost my camera. I’d planned a lovely morning with G….puttering around, stopping at estate sales, seeing friends, but instead we will be stopping by all those places I stopped by yesterday.

Work. Perhaps it fell out of my purse at work. I took pictures of all the wedding finery we were featuring for the wedding day for our Facebook Page. The camera didn’t make it home. I also went to the grocery store…but my purse wasn’t heavy when I got there, and I stopped in at the library. With reduced library hours, who knows when they open today, but I will be there. Lastly I stopped at the grocery store for a small squash. Yes, it was delicious with a couscous and veggie salad and a tiny bit of ground meat. Yes, as soon as these places open, I will be there.

I cannot believe I have mislaid my camera. I broke it once. Now, it’s the second time I’ve lost this most appreciated tool….that G gave me. She says hitting herself in the head while letting the worry go.

The store didn’t open till 10, but the Geezer and I were there almost at the moment. “Oh, hi,” the other volunteers all said cheerfully. I wasn’t until I found the camera. There is was, in its case just waiting for me on the dining area table. All I can think is I used it and didn’t put it in my pack. Now I am cheerful. Happy too. One estate sale was giving away cookbooks.

The Geezer amid a profusion of pink roses.


  1. what a beautiful shot of the roses! Hope you find your camera! Good luck.

  2. Oh sad! I do hope it does pop up. Somehow being forgetful must pay off... maybe it will this time.

  3. Hopefully you put it down after taking the pictures of the display and will get it back.
    Lovely pictures as always...

  4. I am nuts about your roses, and so happy you found your camera, right were you left it. Diannd

  5. Hooray on the found!
    I am glad you have it, glad to see the roses, and the Geezer too. :)

  6. Good that you found your camera. Luckily, it wasn't stolen.

  7. Thank goodness you found your camera because it sure does take great photos! That pink rose is spectacular! Love it!

  8. Were the cookbooks good finds?

  9. Glad you found it -- I could just feel the relief you felt!

    And the roses!!!! So absolutely beautiful. I'm anticipating our first flush here and will certainly take photos. So far -- lots of leafing going on and a few tiny buds.


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