April 19, 2011

Clean Your Plate...

…for the starving children in China.

A third view of the Mill. 4-11.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Managed to almost get totally through the new load before getting home. It worked this day.

Herself: Store, books, took disc home, ate, store, books, home to stick pictures online. Meatloaf, broccoli, and salad for dinner.

I’m planning to go back to WW right after the convention. G posted a picture of me on Facebook that makes me look as wide as I am tall. I know the width is partially because of the camera angle, but it certainly foretells the future. This is not good. In fact, this is downright embarrassing.

I can still get in to most of my clothes. Only the pants are beyond tight.

I’m once again eating too much fat. For lunch yesterday, I ate twice the chicken salad I should have. Dinner: Meatloaf, broccoli, and salad are good things to eat, I just have the proportions all wrong. My biggest problem is desert. Chocolate especially, and donuts come in a good second. Gosh, once I quit smoking, there was this wonderful, high fat, high sugar world just waiting out there for me. Did I mention whipped cream.

The only reason I lost weight on that last cruise was that I was sick all eight days. Food allergies are wonderful leveling experiences.

So I’m going to have a grand time at the convention. I still remember exactly what I had last year at the ice cream social….a chocolate fudge Sunday with extra whipped cream, three bad amateur comedians, and one really good professional comedian. Meals, we will eat most at the hotel but no banquets this year. I don’t have to eat everything I see. I’ll keep telling myself that I don’t have to clean my plate for the starving children in China, in India, in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Mexico…..

What did your mother say to get you to eat all your food?


  1. My mom was such a bad cook that I ate cereal for dinner about three nights a week. I did not have to eat what she cooked, but if I refused, I had to make my own meal. I am a dyn-o-mite Rice Krispies girl to this very day!

  2. My mother used to say, "children in Europe are starving." (circa WWII) And if I didn't eat what was on my plate, I got it for the next meal.

  3. My mom used to say: "You're such a skinny bamboo. Why don't you eat?"

    I preferred to go hungry. After I left home and could eat whatever I wanted, I ballooned out. lol

  4. My mom used to make you sit there until it was all gone even if you went to sleep at the table. Fortunately we had a dog ;-)

  5. When Jerry and I eat out we always split the entree. One of the problems with eating out is that they put so much food on the plates, except in the really high end places where you can go home hungry.

    I do seem to remember hearing about starving Chinese in my youth, but in general I didn't have to be urged to eat. I like food and even as a child I was experimental.

  6. I grew up in a fairly poor home and actually we all cleaned our plates because there was rarely seconds.

  7. I ate whatever I hated first to get it off my plate as my step-father would make us sit there and clean our plates. I clearly remember my poor little sister sitting there for hours some nights.....I think we tried to hide some of it in our napkins...

  8. My mother always told my brother and me how she had to eat locusts and grass to survive after the war and we should appreciate the tomatoes on our plates. My brother and I are still not crazy about tomatoes. We'll eat them if we have to, but we won't look for them.

    I think one of the tricks to control eating is to get smaller plates. My mother eats off of a salad plate.

  9. My mother "turned on the timer" and this set us all in panic and we somehow forced the tuna casserole down. We didn't know what the punishment would be if the timer went off, but we used our imaginations to paint a terrible scenario.

  10. Actually, my mom was never a food pusher -- and so neither were we.

    I think the points system with WW is very easy to follow.


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