April 28, 2011

A Foodie Quiz 1

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He’s losing his voice. I’m very worried. Took me to WW. Wrote two jobs while I was in WW.

Herself: Selfishly worried about G as I am still coughing from the last cold. Got rid of all books over a month old and replaced them with new. Beyond tired. Weight watchers. By my scale, I have lost 4 pounds. We have to go by theirs. I couldn’t get the WW site to save….very frustrating.

From L’empress, I swiped this food quiz. Shame on me who is WWering….which is Weight Watchering. I shan’t share all 97 questions all at once….too many for my old slow brain to handle, but I’ll share a few.

1. Do you like pie? Real pie. Yes. Not dried apple or canned peaches kind of pie….with real crust. Real crust doesn’t travel well, and I who cannot make pie crust has the best crust recipe in the world from her mother in law.

2. Italian or Mexican? Mexican. Of course. Street type foods…enchiladas, burritos, tacos. Mild salsa tho.

3. Can you bake? If so, what are your favorite things to bake? I’m not very good at baking. My grandmother tried to teach me, but I was a failure.

4. Do you use cook books or do you try to find recipes online? I own acres of cookbooks. Right now I am taking suggestions from the WW 20 minute cook book.

5. Do you own a Kitchen Aid mixer? I have three Sunbeam Mixmasters. The one upstairs now is a 1939 model. I’d like to have a Kitchen Aid, but I am darned if I want to spend all that money on a mixer I will use very rarely.

6. Ever cooked a meal for more than 15 people at one time? Yes. Often actually.

7. Do you like hospital food? Now that I have figured out the trick….which is click things as many times as you want on the menu, I’ll be fine in the future as the food at Mercy Hospital isn’t bad.

8. Favorite fast food restaurant? As in with a drive through window? Jack in the Box.

9. Any picky eaters in your family? Yes, I have food allergies, and youngest daughter hates onions.

10. Soda or Tea? If it didn’t upset my stomach, I would drink diet Coke all day every day. On cold and rainy days, I like a cuppa tea with honey around wine time. Now that I am doing WW’s, I need to find another kind of honey with zero points.


  1. WW was extremely difficult for me. I didn't lose any weight while on it for a year.

    NutriSystem was better and I lost 20 lbs. But I gained it back and then some within 2 years after I left the program.

  2. Love Mexican, eat pie about once a year at Thanksgiving. Don't cook, hate hospital food unless it is a chicken salad sandwich. Our Favorite restaurant has a New Zealand menu. Lots of Asian food, we eat there every few weeks.

  3. Thanks, Maggie. It's taken me almost 25 years to make this decision. I know how hard a decision it is -- so I'm proud of you, too. Blessings, K

  4. Mexican, Diet Coke, no cookbooks. And I love cherry pie. How fun!


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