April 11, 2011

A Good Day for Baseball

The San Diego little league and pony leagues walked the warning track before the game.

We got there early, and I found many of my old friends remembered me. Several friends ran up to me and hugged me. The sun was out, the day clear, the ballpark groomed, and I was mesmerized by my surroundings.

The Navy Frog Team.

It was military day, and it was kids day. The kids came first. Around the warning track they marched seemingly forever. Then the military. Recruiters were near the main gate, and awards to the top service members from all the branches of the military were presented on the field before the game. Up, in the nosebleed sections roasting in the sun, were the latest men from MCRD with their drill sergeants. Out of the sky fell the Frogs Navy skydiving team.

Slowly 33,000 fans crowded in. We had great seats. In the shade and the wind. G wore his old leather bomber jacket, and I wore layers plus a fleece Padres blanket to ward off the chill. We remembered gloves but I forgot my muffler. The wind cut through everything like a knife yet we were comfortable

I saw the game but didn’t see it. Swept up by my surroundings, the game itself became an oasis of quiet in the midst of a giant party.

We won. It was a well done double play….real baseball. The crowd left smiling, chattering, those who drank too much were yelling all happily out into the afternoon. Everyone was glad they came to the ball park this lovely day.

The park emptied quickly, and we joined the flow pausing only to take a photograph or two. It was a good day for baseball.


  1. Sounds like a perfect fun day.

  2. Wow, some pictures! Does the Western Metal Supply actually have it's own view of the playfield? Great weather, glad you got sun and had a good time.

  3. I'm sitting her singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"!!

    We also love b-ball (Peter Angelos, the Orioles owner, not so much) and we also go to an occasional farm team game in nearby Frederick. I also love all those old baseball movies!!


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