April 16, 2011

A Motor Transport Museum 1

The Geezer, a docent from the Automotive Museum, and me drove far, far out into the hinterland to see wonderful rusting cars, trucks, and wrecks at the “Motor Transport Museum” in Campo California. We have driven by this old mill and museum a hundred times and never gone in to see the cars and trucks that surround it. Today was an open house, and G’s museum members were there to help celebrate a successful fundraising and expansion with hamburgers ice cream and cake. We had a wonderful day, and as usual G’s eye led him to see the world around him with a special eye.


  1. Hot hot hot! But I am glad you had fun. Smelling sewage with Mia Farrow pales in comparison.

  2. I'm glad Geezer had such fun. Rusting cars and trucks would not have been my cup of tea.

  3. I hope there are photos coming very soon. You certainly have a diverse collection of interests.
    Art and Autos, Painting and car Parts, Quilts and quiet conversation, Books and beautiful essays. I enjoy it very much.

  4. There is NOTHING like that beautiful CA countryside!! And nothing says celebration like hamburgers, ice cream, and cake. :)


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