April 17, 2011

The Motor Transport Museum 2

It was helpful in the early days of flight to have locations painted on the roof. With a military base nearby, it was a necessity. This sign gives the name of the city, Campo, and the direction of North.

The first vehicle I found, on my way to the bathroom, was an SPL311…a Datsun 1600 sports car. I’d driven one for 12 years, and seeing that old car made my day. Then making the day even better, Beth and her mother Ellie arrived. The four of us had a grand day tramping about the acres of old cars and trucks.

Right near the front of the museum was this old industrial engine. Sitting outside a factory building, it powered the whole factory using one belt that wrapped around the slower wheel. This belt lead to other belts attached to individual machines.

Beth, with all the other Campo family, grew up just up the road from this museum. Despite driving by these vehicles millions of times, none of the family had ever been into the yards before. All the times we had driven out to see the kids or ride the train, for the Train Museum is just across the street, we too had not been inside the gates.

The day started cool and comfortable…long pants weather at the beach, but as the day moved toward noon, the temperature was at the top of the 90’s. Even hotter in the car when we left.

A goodly crowd climbed, marched, and trekked in and out of cars and buildings. The place is so large that only a few people were visible at a time. As far as I know, I was the only person attacked by a rusty bumper. Here’s a Mack and a Mack.

Light truck area facing south….

…and facing north with Beth and the Geezer.

Two fire trucks. A Mack on the Left and an International on the right.

Two agencies stickers on the side of this apparatus.

Hoses still attached.

More tomorrow:


  1. What a wonderful post, capturing the feelings of nostalgia and reunion. I so enjoyed the words and the images. Thanks.

  2. They look like retired extras for a movie. I used to love to tramp through places like this. David would too, if he could walk better. Dianne

  3. Holy momma! We have a truck we would like to put there but it has been beautifully restored. Scratch that idea.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day for you all -- except for the attack of that rusty bumper. Were charges filed?

  5. I'm not into cars, etc. but I enjoyed walking around there with you. Your photos of the rusting, retired vehicles were very artistic and interesting to look at.

  6. Wow!!! I love it!!!! I used to have a Triumph GT-6+ and loved it but it -- like most British sports cars -- broke a lot. I always have enjoyed sports cars but never had the opportunity to drive a Datsun 1600 although I saw them in SCCA races. I thought the 240Z really cool. My lil' Miss Ruby is as sporty as I get these days. LOL


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