April 18, 2011


...to check the appointment book every day.

The drama of the shapes caught my eye. I found myself often shooting the tower of the mill as a background to a shot. April 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: They’ve changed the rules again, and Friday night he worked til ten. He and I both hope this changes sooner rather than later….again.

Herself: You would never know that this is Spring Break week….only Wednesday is semi-normal with work at the store. The rest of our week is full with friends, a convention, gatherings, meetings, and even an ice cream social.

I confess. We forgot.

We had carefully written the days doings in the appointment book, then we just lived. We laundered, he played with pictures, I played with pictures, and the morning flew by. After lunch and haircuts, we were driving by the Discovery Shop. They were closed.

“Oh, look, the store is closed,” I said to G.

“Weren’t we supposed to be there for something,” he replied.

We hung a Uie and arrived at the tag end of the volunteer appreciation luncheon with as much dignity as we could muster. I had cake. Really good cake. And at the very end, we helped put chairs away which was a very good thing.

We have resolved to check the appointment book every day.


  1. Glad it wasn't a luncheon just for you two! At least you got cake and helped clean up. Wonderful that your lives are so full that you need an appointment book.

  2. Oh dear! That kind of thing has happened to me too -- just going my merry way and then I remember!!...OOOPPS! At least you got cake :).

  3. Oh dear. We have all done it. But it always feels terrible.

  4. Ooops! I keep an appointment book open on my desk. We're retired and not all that busy, but at our age I'm constantly forgetting about doctor appointments, etc.

  5. In the past, my problem has been keeping more than one appointment book. If I were clever, I would learn how to use my cell phone to note appontments. Then an alarm could remind me of where I am supposed to be.

  6. At least you got there. I've shown up both a day early and a day late at the doctors when I didn't check mine. Ha,ha, she's a genrontologist so I suppose she might be used to it.

  7. Oh my, I worked seven long years for a professor who never checked her calendar. I tried everything to get her to check it but to no avail, and she doesn't to this day. Nearly drove me crazy!!

  8. In this house checking calenders etc is vital. And we still slip up.

  9. Well at least you had nice fresh haircuts. :) I've been reading your blog for months and don't think I've commented before. I like your artwork, all of it, the painting, writing, quilting, life as art. Thanks for writing.


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