April 21, 2011

A Soccer Mom Kind of Day

We will be in the high rise behind the birds of Paradise plants.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Trying to end his work day mid-day today. Pack, hamburger, pick up Don and take her with us…she is checking in today. Ice Cream.

Herself: After the pool, get suitcases down before I put truck back in. Gas in the truck. Fifty bucks got me a half a tank last time. Shelve a few books as I won’t be there tomorrow. Pack.

Photohosting: I like the ease of Snapfish. Very fast uploads. Easy coding access. I use Flickr only when I need High quality. Snapfish provides good quality prints quickly anytime I need them also. G is now using Photobucket.

I, the least middle class of everyone, had a soccer mom sort of day yesterday. Even I felt over-busy and found myself laughing at myself while longing for my overstuffed chair with a diet coke in hand.

I did my workout. Less enthusiastically than the day before. Pain doesn’t have to be part of life. Then I started the laundry before heading to the store.

I’m finally mastering the archaic computer at work enough so that I can make signs. Yesterday I made big signs and cute little signs to put among the books saying…..”Book Sale, ALL BOOKS, Hardbound’s 2 for $1.00, Paperbacks 4 for $1.00.” All means ALL…even those expensive books that aren’t selling. Especially those I didn’t mark. Did I say that.

I priced and shelved books. Two red wagon loads of books. Even with braces on, my hands hurt all night long. Reality…but I got the books out there.

I note that today I need to add gas for I went from the store to the bank to make a deposit, to the cleaners, to the library to return one of their books that ended up with us. I know there was some other stop in there, but, since I am showing signs of early Alzheimer’s, I confess I don’t remember what it was. I finished the laundry while sitting in my chair reading a C J Box. Dinner was at Phil’s BBQ…we actually got in, Target for “The Kings Speech,” and home to tuck into bed and watch that glorious movie a second time. And it is glorious.

For some reason, I slept like a rock and didn’t leap out of bed.


  1. When you said soccer mom I expected you to write about driving around with a van full of candy wrappers and empty juice boxes in Grumpy!

  2. Sounds like a perfectly balanced day to me...you drove, you ate, you did charity work, you read and you watched a movie.

  3. Hi Mage.

    You seem to be enjoying your days of more activity than I do in a week. Good for you and don't worry too much about remembering every little thing you hear or do.

    I loved "The King's Speech" so much I watched it twice myself. I thought it was fu fu fu fu ing good!

  4. So many bloggers are mentioning Alzheimers. It hits a serious chord with me. My father and six of his siblings, of nine had Alzheimers.

    4 for a $1.00 for paperbacks? I wish I were there.

  5. Does it seem that people are losing interest in books? I used to be an Amazon Book Seller when I lived in NYC and I could find cheap books at Strand for $1 but postage got so high, and sales dropped so I stopped. I am still doing audio books these days No Kindle for me!

  6. I expect your weekend will be equally as busy and as enjoyable and with photos too!

  7. Wow - that's on the upper-middle-class scale to me. I guess being dirt poor all my life then squeezing in barely in middle age sort of changes my point of view on what's middle class, lol.

  8. A good day is a busy day. I just got the DVD and can hardly wait to watch the King's Speech. It is going on the shelf next to The Queen. Dianne

  9. Sounds like a good day to me -- busy and productive!!!! My kind of day!

  10. No wonder you slept well! I was tired just reading all you did!

    And I hear that movie IS wonderful!


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