April 7, 2011

Ruminations On A Thursday Off

Stormy sky outside of Vegas.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: The stats on heart attacks of those who work long hours scare me to death. At least we went out to dinner before he finished his long hours.
Herself: Topic: Having fun, not taking oneself so seriously.
Hey, I am taking the day off.

I know you think retired people have their days off all the time, but I don’t. Fresh off the triumph of submitting those pieces, I’m going to plan nothing at all today. You and I both know that “stuff” will sneak in to fill my time. Hopefully it’s all fun stuff tho.

Pictures of stuff at the Cancer Society Discovery Shop. Maybe a little quilting. Dinner? Maybe we will saunter up to the Mexican place on the corner. We like their #22: One cheese enchilada, two soft chicken tacos, lettuce, tomatoe, salsa, and a soupcon of sour cream on a paper wedge. It tastes as if we were eating in Mexico without getting shot at while we chew.

Maybe I will find/make/invent time to sew?

As I was driving home from a very cold swim, the world seemed all grey. The sky was grey, the streets were grey, the cars and trucks seemed grey as did the one red SUV. Even home seems all grey. Maybe I shouldn’t have changed the room from red to blue just before a rain storm.

Shot pictures at the store today. Came home and figured out how to load more than one photo at a time to a Facebook album. I built a temporary album of pictures for their page. I also figured out how to delete a whole album. Felt very triumphant. Put together a couple of blocks for the Blue Quilt….oh, I have to do something unique next time. Maybe I won’t be so bored if I do something like the house quilt.

Reading: Finished the Evanovitch’s and have moved on to the Civil War and CJ Box. Gory stuff.


  1. Enjoy your day off.....I wonder how much you will get accomplished when you don't have a plan! Probably more than I.

  2. that Mexican dinner sounds great.

  3. A day off?? You deserve one and Mexican food sounds perfect. I'll have chicken fajitas!

  4. Days off are the best! YAY for you?

  5. So you had a grey day, too! (My belated post yesterday sounds just as melancholic with grey skies--and more--here as well!) Also I'm glad to note your British spelling of the word grey! Did they teach us that way in school? I spelled it the American way--grAy--because my spell check wanted it to be that way. I'm going back to grEy! :) As for G and his late hours, Hubby has always been that way too about his work. He's still going strong now that he's slowed down (somewhat) in retirement. Some people just seem to be wired differently; try not to worry too much. Worry isn't good either.

  6. Good for you! I still haven't figured out Facebook yet and rarely go to it. I can barely keep up with my blog.


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