April 20, 2011

Wednesday Lite

IMG_4984 Peach Rose bud 4 jpg

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Off to have blood drawn at 0730. Maybe his cholesterol is down.

Herself: Really looking forward to four days of busyness in someone else’s world.

  • Life is looking rosy just today. I found a couple more, not the best of course, rosebuds from last year. I’m sure hoping that with all the rain plus sun in the valley that the roses have bloomed a bit for the convention and my camera. We will be gone from tomorrow night through Sunday night. Yes, I will take the laptop. Who knows if I will have time to use it beyond downloading images. The best I can do is pray for roses.

  • Grrrrr….My photo host is down. I can’t log in, and I believe the help desk is in India. I used my backup, Flickr. They offer excellent quality images, but they have made their page too complicated for one such as me. Even too complicated for the Geezer…..he stopped using Flickr too. With a united family peering at my monitor, I managed to get this one rose up. Gee, too much for me ‘fer sure.

  • Lessa is heading into Summer School. To keep her money coming in and to keep MJ’s money coming in, she needs to carry one class. I said I’d pay for the book, but now she doesn’t even know if that class will be offered. I suggested an art class, and she had a hit her forehead kind of moment. “Why didn’t I think of that?” No summer school for me this year either. Budget cuts. I’m kind of looking forward to a motivationless summer.

  • It’s a bookish kind of day for me. I like days when I can get it all out in front and make a little money for the cancer society while playing with books. “Books, Books, Books,” you can hear the cry of the book lady as she puts them all on sale. What fun.


  1. The color of that rose is so beautiful.....
    Hope you have a great getaway...I know there will be photos and great blog material.

  2. With all those roses, are there any spiders and spider webs everywhere? I always associate them with roses, as that's what I see in Hawaii. Ugh! I hate spiders!

    I know you will enjoy your getaway! Have fun!

  3. The rose is just beautiful and reminiscent of the one on my blog header. I've started using Flickr for a few months now and have come around to liking it. It is a little clunky though.

  4. In some ways, I envy your summer plans, but I am taking a course this summer I have wanted to take since I entered the history program. I wouldn't mind taking an art class if I had any talent. I love this apricot rose. Such a beautiful color. Dianne

  5. The rose is amazing! You captured its color and its personality.

  6. Those colours are a balm to my eyes. Art class, perfect solution. Everyone has talent. It is just a matter of discovering it.

  7. I'm hoping for a rose-year, too! We probably won't get out first flush until the second or third week in May. All the bushes are putting out leaves, though.


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