May 13, 2011

Anniversaries and Other Occasions

We will be here at the formal fund raiser tomorrow.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Feeling great and ready to go. Good dinner with Don…who was laid off Wednesday. Her lawyer retired, and the firm’s business is down. She’s taking this with great grace.

Herself: Very upset that they gave Don so little notice. Bravo to her for her upbeat attitude.

0633: We met this day in 1983.

I confess, he’s grinning and jumping up and down while I feel like a slug. The coffee hasn’t hit yet, and virus is still with me this morning….cough, cough. We are going out tomorrow dressed in our best bling to the Automotive Museum fund raiser, so I don’t feel too guilty for being a dark grey slug today. Perhaps I’m still frightened about coming home to go to sleep after my workout. Will it happen again today?

0700: Blogger is down too. OD and blogger dancing the minuet of crash and burn. I’m darned if I am going to create a third blog nor will I start my day over. I think I will go to the gym. Damn the Torpedoes……

0837: Back from the pool to find they are all still down. I’m not sound asleep and wrapped over the computer so this too is progress. Actually, now that I’ve had coffee and breakfast, I feel very good. She says beginning to bound around.

Lessa’s off to take her next to the last math test. She has failed all the others this semester, and this will be the second time she has taken this class. She has to pass it to graduate. Unlike when I took the class, failed it, and applied for a waiver, they have newly toughened the requirements. I don’t know how many more times they will ask her to fail this class before they grant her a waiver, but this is the most demeaning and depressing act I have ever known a system to inflict on a student. If one has a documented learning disability that is obviously genetically based, the powers that be should bend a little in the wind.

1428: Still feeling good. We are about to blow two weeks of careful eating out the window. After hours of sorting one whole life full of stuff, I took restaurant recommendations from Bill and Stephanie: McCormick and Schmicks…seafood and steak, or The Strip Joint…..cook your own steaks. I left the choices up to him, and he chose The Strip Joint in La Jolla. Reservations made. I have to go stare at my closet and see how I can make old lady clothes look current yet casual.

Tomorrow the two estate sales, then I will get my hair styled while G works the museum. I’ll check the good dress out tonight….and shoes. Yes, I will take my camera both days. We need a break to party. We haven’t had a good night out since December. Yes, we can do this….


  1. Of course you can!! Can't wait to see the photos.

    And you're right -- making her take the test is demeaning. Does she have a 504? I think if she does, the school must accommodate her.

  2. Conrats on your anniversary, enjoy your dinner, I'm sure you'll look great and I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for encouraging me with my garden!

  3. Please tell Lessa about the website, The Khan Academy. Let her watch the video of Mr. Khan and Bill Gates explain how anyone can learn math. MY daughter has problem with math, but if she can go over and over the videos and do the exercises, then it works.

    Happy Anniversary!


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