May 1, 2011


Tulips on every table and on ever dais. 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Got his car washed yesterday and today it get’s waxed. Much needed. He told the wipe down guy to do a good job because he lives in it. Bought a new watch….he’s been wearing Duck’s.

Herself: The defining moment of my day was when I found the camera. Found a decorating book that solved my problem with curtains for the bedroom. The old bedspread has faded and I’m looking for something fresh that will last a while.

It’s a lovely May out there. Spring is sprung, and I hope to make the time today to get out and see the flowers. Somehow, my camera and I have become hooked on them. I’m a sucker for color anyway, and this year I seemed to have been sucked right into anything that blooms.

Every single flower is unique, and I seem to be happily finding these special flowers and bringing them all home as pixels. I must tell you. I’m an abstractionist at heart. I like taking reality and twisting it to another view while keeping it real in my own mind. Flowers are abstract all by themselves. I find I have no need to twist or fragment these bits of color. They do it all by themselves. Armed with my much mistreated
Cannon, I’m finding their moments as much mine
as theirs.


  1. Tulips are so wonderful. I don't seem to be able to grow them, despite much trying! I will see if I can't get the guys to give it a shot - they seem to be able to grow anything.

  2. Did you find your camera again? Hope so. Love the word flowerful.

  3. Happy Spring, Maggie! It's funny to be spring and not see tulips all over the place, but such is life in Hawaii. We do have African tulip, though. Hmmmm.... maybe that could be a post for me.

  4. Our tulips are almost done. As are our daffodils. But now iris and azaleas are blooming and really lovely due to their intense colors. I have a new rose that is stunning. I do my arty flower stuff on FB.

  5. I take flower photos all the time but nothing like your excellent ones. What is your secret?

  6. If there were no other reason, I would check in here just to see the next picture you post--just lovely and almost as good as laughing to make me feel good.

  7. I had not been online for a few days, so caught up today. The tulip post is my favorite, so I left a message here. Dianne

  8. They do do it all on their own, don't they??


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