May 6, 2011

Foodie Stuff 3

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He had an amazingly light day yesterday. We went out to “The Loving Hut” for dinner and did it without desert.

Herself: Totally lost voice yesterday, and am coughing again, but I really feel excellent. I’m sure this will get worse later. Going in to work and not hugging anyone. Jewlery sale today. Photos on Facebook. Slight chance of us keeping the bathroom ceiling and losing the computer room ceiling. That’s just fine with us.

50. Do a lot of crock pot cooking?
I’m just not very good at it. I do best at brazing and sautéing and sticking it in the oven. But I love to come home to that wonderful smell of long cooking foods.

51.What is one "guilty pleasure" snack or food you REFUSE to give up no matter what?
Chocolate. Oh, how commonplace I am. We found a sugarless chocolate at Trader Joe’s that’s really wonderful.

52. Growing up did you ever wonder what a "bug" would taste like when you played outdoors?
No. Actually never.

53. Favorite flavor of ice cream? 31 Flavors “Chocolate Mousse Royalle” with hot fudge. No wonder I am fat.

54. Do you like frozen burritos?
Why eat one when they are so easy to make at home.

55. What kind of milk do you drink?
If I have to use milk, rice milk.

56. Yogurt or oatmeal?
Greek Yogurt…what rich stuff. I’m allergic to oats, tho I like oatmeal I don’t eat it

57. Favorite kind of cereal?
Grape nuts or Shredded Wheat treated the old way. Pour boiling water over a bar of it, smash the water out, and add cream and sugar. Mmmmmmm good.

58. Baked potato or sweet potato?
Either. Out of one of those congressional cookbooks I swiped a sweet potatoe fluff: Sweet potatoes - smashed, butter, grated orange peel and lemon peel, bake.

59. Do you like sub sandwiches?
I really like our local “Poma’s” subs. They use the best of the local Italian bakery’s breads for the wonderful crusty foundations, they use the best meats that have real flavor, and the oil and vinegar is the tastiest to be found. “Subway” is a very poor substitute.


  1. I love grapenuts and mini shredded wheat. My kids groan as I use canned evaporated milk on grapenuts, had of lot of it as a child, what can I say. And chocolate, the best, what's a day without chocolate?

  2. Seems this meme is all about food. I must visit you later.

  3. More cosmic connections! I cannot eat oats either!

  4. I was at a cooking class sponsored by a hospital and a doctor was doing the teaching. He mentioned the Greek yogurt and told us it was better for us. I will have to go look for it.

    I love that sugar free chocolate from Trader Joes too. I wonder if my daughter sent me some in that box we just received. :-)


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