May 14, 2011

A Good Time

My luggage would fit on that rack nicely.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Working this morning because he didn’t want to last night.

Herself: Forgot my camera last night. Can’t find my good shoes. They are here somewhere…..

Lessa called before we left to eat yesterday. Yes she failed. Yes, she approached the teacher with a soupcon of humor saying, “I guess we will get to know each other better.” The teacher told her that she had made great improvement. Bravo to Lessa.

The store called before dinner too. A new copper necklace and bracelet had been donated to the shop. Did I want it. Yes. I rushed over and found a delightful spikey, 1950’s copper design that I wore to dinner. At half price.

Himself hung a little bag from the dash of the Toyota. Inside were delightful gold earrings set with emeralds and diamonds. Spoiled. I am totally spoiled. Yes, I have them on now and will wear them with the bling to the fund raiser.

Lots of fun at the new restaurant. If you have a “Strip Joint” in your neighborhood, try it. Yes, dark and noisy. Yes sexist as the girl waitresses look like Playboy Bunny’s stalking around in their net stockings, but the food is priced mid range and was of very high quality. You didn’t need a knife to cut the steak at all. They help first timers, and help was needed. Even with assistance, I undercooked my steak. Ah well. I also enjoyed every bite.

Then on our way home, we stopped at Costco and bought 500 plates, knives, forks, and spoons for the potluck Sunday. And a movie.


  1. Good stuff!!!! I want to see the necklace!!!!

  2. I agree with Kay. We need a photo of you in your new bling. I like the car plus rack. From what I have seen of your luggage in the past, it would not fit, unless you left himself at home, and what would be the point. Dianne

  3. By all means, we need to see the new jewelry. That way we can all be properly jealous. (I keep telling myself I don't need more jewelry, but I love to get it because it always fits, unlike clothing.)

  4. Please, please, post pictures of the jewelry; I love copper pieces. Sounds like a great week.

  5. Those earrings sound lovely. Glad you had a good time.

  6. That's one honkin' big potluck! See you later!

  7. Hope the Museum Gala is a huge success. I want to see photos of you all gussied up in your bling too.

  8. Neat car!

    And the jewelry sounds lovely!

    Are Strip Joints the restaurants where the patrons cook their own steaks? If so, I've heard about them. Interesting...

  9. I can't wait to see pics of the new jewelry.

    I never met an underdone steak. I like it run through a hot kitchen.

  10. Copper bling sounds faboo - but a strip joint for food? I have to assume the term's got different meaning in your part of the world. In a strip joint here the waitresses might wear fishnet stockings, granted - but nothing else. Eww.

  11. You certainly deserved a little bling and a steak as well. Glad you had a good time. You would look fabulous in that car.

  12. What wonderful fun! I am with the group - let's see the goods!

  13. Oh you are a lucky duck, Maggie! How wonderful that you get to be spoiled sometimes. :-)
    What a marvelous day!


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