May 28, 2011

Laughing at the Dishes

Cupboard to the left over the stove.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Had a good day at work, and got home just as I was tossing the salad. Didn’t have to work late either.

Herself: We went for a long saunter through the two story Target in the valley. We bought some of their yogurt in the giant food section, and I found it grainy. Aleve is making my life worth living again, but I know this stuff is addictive. offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.

There I am, sensibly half way up a ladder, scrubbing shelves again. The dishes in this center section aren’t half as sticky as the ones to the right, but the shelf itself is brown. Perhaps, I think to myself, I’ve used the dishes but never washed the shelf…ever.

Nope. I can’t remember how to put those few serving platters and bowls back on the shelf.

Yes, I took a picture of the remaining shelf so I can put things back in the same places. Yes, I laughed at myself. Sometimes little things like this are defining moments of the day. Perhaps my childhood hours spent in an old fashioned farm kitchen structured my thoughts about kitchen cupboards. Shelves one plate deep rose from a narrow counter straight up to the ceiling. Mother’s good dishes were displayed in her dining room. When I inherited them, I sent these acres of good dishes up to live with the kids and Bee. My good dishes are Russell Wright and Blue Ridge Southern Potteries that have always lived on open shelves.

I want to see my follies.

This is the first house I, and we, have ever had the money to have glass doors over the cupboards. I ruined my grandmother’s set of white Haviland by keeping them on open shelves when we lived on a dirt road. No ruined dishes here behind their doors….but sticky dirty dishes if I don’t use them regularly. Did I note there are three sets of dishes in this small cupboard? Well, they are going to be cleaner today. Yes, in reality, I’m laughing at myself.


  1. Such enterprise!! Sticky dishes be damned!

  2. I hate when my dishes get sticky too - ugh! I chuckled about the cabinet order. I have many that once housed dishes perfectly and over time have become very different - both what is in them and the way it all fits! Good Grief! I need to take a few pictures myself!

  3. How come everything in your place looks a bit like art? I love that cupboard with its colorful arrangement.

  4. Your dish displays are beautiful. Creative and lovingly done. I love my dishes too but I don't think I'll clean the shelves yet.

  5. I thought your dishes were so colorful and arranged so pleasingly. I got rid of two sets of many "chicken patterns" can one have?.....FOUR!

  6. Dishes as art. I love the concept. I am a china nut. I have at least three types of dishes and one set is real bone china from England. I worked in the China department of a large department store when I was younger and spent all my meager earnings on a good set of china. I have visited museums and potteries all over to look at China. Really enjoyed your display today. Also, love the cabinets with glass fronts. I have wanted those forever. Dianne

  7. I wish my cupboards looked as nice as yours do!

    I'm seriously considering using my good china. Then again, I live alone and use paper plates a lot!

    I guess I'm just lazy!

  8. I was going to say the same thing that Alice I will write nothing.

  9. My mom would forego a vacation in order to clean the cabinets. I appreciate the sticky element but that's more dedication than I have lol.


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