May 11, 2011

....more books....

A slice of mysteries.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Got all his work done but not written. He brought it home to do, and he did it in bits and pieces over and around dinner. Got it all done before NCIS.

Herself: I felt pretty good by NCIS time, but this morning I am slow and achy. Voice half back despite coughing on and off all night. Both G and I were sorry they removed two rich characters from the shows, but we will be glued to our TV for the finale next week.

”Thank you for donating your books,” I say.

What I don’t say is…..”Please don’t bring me wet, damp, moldy, bent, broken, or otherwise damaged books you have salvaged from the trash cans along the beach. I appreciate that you don’t want to take your meds, and I appreciate your remembering us as you walk the beach every morning to reclaim your sanity. Please consider taking your book finds elsewhere, thank you.”

Again, “Thanks for the wonderful books,” I say.

What I don’t say, and this applies to my very own books, is….”Deeply dust covered books grow mold. Dust is the perfect home for dampness especially at the beach, and mold just loves dusty damp books. As it grows along the top to the sides, under the covers and along the spine, the book is ruined. We will take these ruined books because we appreciate you, but we can't keep them.”

My recent living room renewal got all the furniture away from the books so they can easily be dusted.

What I don’t say is….”I am very allergic to dust.”

I look forward to seeing the weekend’s book donations. I really do.


  1. AH...BOOKS! When I see a photo like that, I was to reach in and grab some books off the shelf to check them out. In our area, there are bins that look like old fashioned post office drop=off boxes for people to donate old I would love to open those bins up to see what is inside.

  2. Books on a bookshelf is a wonderful sight. But dusting them is a chore. It's especially difficult when you are constantly saying, "Oh, that's an interesting book I haven't looked at for a long time!" and then realize that a morning has been wasted and few books have been dusted.

  3. Nothing more interesting than a shelf full of books. Dusting them, that's another thing, I'm allergic to dust and mold too. Too bad I'm keeping my shelves. Take care of yourself.

  4. I just went over to my bookshelf to make sure there was no dust on my books. I do have a treasured collection of books even though I like my Kindle, too.

  5. Wish I lived closer -- I'm looking for a place to donate many of my beautifully dry and dusted hard backs.

  6. I would like to donate some of my books, but so many of them are now out of date and probably useless. Nothing worse than an old computer manual.

  7. I want your bookshelves -- I need them for my den!!!! That said, I love how they look in your place!

    I'm currently trying to catalogue my books and I an wondering if I'll ever be done.

  8. I learn something every day. I did not know dust in a damp condition was a perfect petri dish for mold. My books are often dusty, but the house is pretty dry, so no mold yet. I try to keep them dusted, one book at a time. Love the photo of the bookshelf. So inviting. Dianne

    PS, I like your new comment setup.

  9. I'll be making a donation soon! YAY!

  10. Are the comments working now? OMG!


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