May 18, 2011


Yesterday and Today
Himself: Out in the rain and sunshine then came home to write his wrecks. He finished everything in time for both NCIS’s. Both are cliff hangers, but NCIS LA has left us in Romania.
Herself: Still coughing. WW meeting tonight where I officially weigh in….and their scale is three pounds heavier than mine or the Y’s.
Japan News: Please stop in at and read the latest news from Japan. Three reactors melted down; Fuel used cannot be cleaned up; Same reactor vents are used in the US.
I’m hoping that soon the doppler radar shows no rain. Hope instead shows the wall of water thinning to a mist. I’ll swim in mist, but my sense of humor about swimming with the wall of water seems week. Perhaps I can swim with an umbrella to keep my glasses dry.

I read the sonnet “Names” during the rain yesterday, and they all were very moved. They especially liked the double line of faces at the top of the page contrasting with the words. Home to become a veggie for a while then begin a new sonnet about the mess out the windows of the old building where we read. I call it “Rain.”


  1. I still want to see Hetty working the DC office.

  2. Hope your next poem makes the RAIN go away......

  3. Rain, I am sick of it. Of course come the drought this summer and i will be complaining about that. Mother Nature must think I am aa pain in the b---.

  4. Rain, a very frequent experience in my life.

  5. Yes, it's been absolutely tropical here and next week we face temps in the 90s. In MD we jump right into summer!

    Is that a picture of a car wash??

  6. Haven't seen NCIS LA yet, but NCIS was fantastic. I'm sorry, though they killed off the character Mike Franks. I liked him a lot.

    Don't you think that Michael Weatherly looks a lot like Robert Wagner??

  7. This photo looks like soapy rain. We've got a clear day for tai chi today. Yae!

  8. Without the weather to complain about, what would we talk about? It is raining here, too, but not THAT hard!


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