May 10, 2011

The Regularly Scheduled Entry

Town and Country Hotel kidney shaped pool…I didn’t know there were any left. It’s charming. 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: He had a light work day which was perfection for him. No one was home and he felt awful all day. Dragging. Bed by 9.

Herself: I felt pretty good tho I ran often to the head. No voice. Today all is calmer, and I’m beginning to have a voice. Probably the cold is responsible for me living so much in the past yesterday.

I take this friendship thing very seriously. Since I had a very abusive and isolated childhood, friends I made starting in the early sixties were very important to me. They became my family. I flat out still miss some of them to the point of tears. Writing that last entry sonnet, Names, which isn’t quite right yet but it will be in a week or so, was hard to do.

I was skimming my photo’s to copy my pictures of Janey into one file. I couldn’t find them all. I did keep running across other beloved friends that I missed one way or another like my artist friend Don. He’s not dead, like most of the others in the Names header, but he has moved far away and vanished into a new life with a wife that doesn’t want us in his. He was a guiding hand when I needed one, a spiritual advisor when I was bereft, and was a living example of what I could be if I worked at it. I miss him terribly. And Dale who kept me tethered when I was as mad as a hatter.

Three of the photographs are of fellow bloggers. Blather, top left, was a force to be reckoned with at Open Diary when I got there. Blunt, strongly opinioned, funny, and creative, he left not one of us behind or stone unturned. When he died suddenly, we were all surprised tho he had been struggling with cancer for years. The owner of OD left his diary up for all to read.

Did you know two of those pictured were sisters. Jo and Delpha…who wrote as Cosmo her cat, were a most creative and encouraging forces in my life no matter what was happening in theirs from the sixties to their deaths. As was Marion B. She too wrote at Open Diary, and she too shook me up and stirred the word pot in my mind often, everyday even when I didn’t see her….which was a couple of times a week. Perhaps they were soul sisters. I certainly loved them.

While I looked up pictures and struggled to make sense of that sonnet yesterday, I ran errands. I bought another inhaler the doc strongly recommends for breathing times like these…at a $40.00 copay. Gee. I planned the menu and bought groceries with my list in hand. Weight Watcher meals. I can’t imagine ever looking as good as Bonnie, with her newly svelte figure, but I’m going to try. Laundry. Skimming a book on the “Undercover Boss” series. I just find the endings terribly contrived. Bought two “new” white T-shirts. Why? I can ruin a white T-shirt faster than white on rice. It does no good to buy used white T-shirts as they are all already ruined.

I like days like that.

Today I be a lump. My voice returns. That’s good. My sense of humor seems pretty good, but I’m dizzy and dingy. Whooops. So I didn’t go to class to share this virus, and by tomorrow I will be good enough to work alone shelving books. No hugs. No breathing on anyone.

By Thursday I should be alive again. So will the great Geezer.


  1. I have lost friends whom I met online and who became precious to me. They came from Diaryland, and both led to reaching out and finding new friends on other sites. I still miss them.

    My daughter says, when she loses a friend, she finds two more. May I be one of your new ones?

  2. I hope you consider me your friend! Anytime you are in Hawaii, let me know so we can get together.

  3. Ah WW meals. We must learn to love them. Diuanne

  4. The pool is charming, and the roses wonderful!
    I 'be a lump' today. sitting here wearing a halter monitor and wondering how the hell I'm going to sleep tonight...

  5. I'm so sorry your childhood was difficult. It's a blessing that you had friends to keep your spirits up. Friends are truly precious. I agree with Gigi that friends on line become good friends as well since we share our souls with each other.

  6. The loss of anyone whom we hold close is so traumatic. I think that the feelings of grief can take over at any time, with small things triggering those feelings out of nowhere.
    Lump days are necessary to survival.


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